Creature of Habit

I am such a creature of habit.  And I've got it BAD.  Case in point: yesterday.  It was raining, so I parked my car at the Park and Ride instead of walking to the bus stop.  Makes sense, right?

RIIIIIIGHT.  Until yesterday afternoon, when I got off at my regular bus stop, instead of getting off at the Park and Ride, and walked all the way home and pretty much got to the door before I remembered, "Oh yeah! I parked my car this morning.  Duh."

So… yeah… turned myself around and hoofed it up to the P&R to get the SUV and then finally come home.

I did it again today… let's hope we don't have a full repeat.  We'll see.

It wasn't a complete waste, though.  The fall colors in our neighborhood are out of control and I decided to go all Suzy Snapshots, so here you go!

October09 026

October09 028

October09 030 October09 031


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