Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He's the Best, Hands Down

I think any wife appreciates it when her husband chips in. I can tell you, from where I'm sitting, when Michael does something like makes ham sandwiches for lunches, it's so much more than a that.

It's something I can scratch off my morning to-do list that's about 200 things long anyway.
It's something new that I didn't think he could do, but he surprises me and comes through.
It's something yummy I can take out in the middle of the day and enjoy, knowing his loving hands put it together.

Boy am I thankful for his hands.

Friday, July 23, 2010

"What Doesn't Kill Me..."

Dana and I had a great date night on Thursday. She had a wonderful day at 1600 and I had been on a successful job interview. We were able to meet at Macy's in DC because it's on the Metro. They had a TREMENDOUS sale going on. I bought her a stoneware serving set and she bought sheets for our new king bed. Then we went to a restaurant (sit-down with waitresses) and enjoyed some happy hour appetizers, a vanilla creme something, and about a gallon of ice water.
The heat and a day out and about two states and the District wo' me out! So, on the way home (TGFTM) I needed some rest. After about an hour rest in the AC I did pretty good --slept like a log last night, though.
Dana felt really bad about me being so exhausted. She worries about me too much: afraid she's pushing me too hard. Somebody unnamed warned her, "don't kill that boy."
What Dana doesn't realize --and what I'm only starting to realize myself-- is how much I needed somebody to enjoy life with. Because of Dana I have new energy to accomplish goals, improve myself, grow spiritually, build my strength, and live. Marriage brought me accountability and purpose that focus me like never before.
So, even though she worries about me, I believe, "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple, Lovely Ikea Purchase

Saturday, the hubs and I enjoyed a "dreaming" trip to Ikea. We wandered through the whole store, taking pictures on our iPhones of furniture we'll really look for on Craigslist. We did purchase about $12 worth of stuff. My favorite purchase was this tall glass jar that I immediately put to work keeping our coffee beans fresh.

It's simple. Practical. And I love the way it looks beside our coffee maker. I do not like clutter of any kind and you have to be simple and beautiful to be "left out" in our house!

What are some simple and lovely ideas you've had?

Magic Cobbler

I made this cobbler over the weekend. It's Strawberry-Blueberry Cobbler. I'm not exactly sure what's "magic" about it, but I am pretty sure it's going to make itself disappear very soon! You can click on the link for the full instructions. Trust me, the recipe is very easy to follow, your house will smell like you're inside some kind of Yankee Candle, and if you put some Vanilla ice cream in a bowl with this stuff, and give it to your husband... your husband will give you a massage. At least, mine will :)

Here's the magic cobbler as it was magically making our apartment smell delicious.
And here it is shortly before it's death...


Remember my strug-a-lin red plant (that I don't know what it is)? I took my mom's advice, and just kept watering it each morning, and don't you know it? She was right! Yet again. It's alive! Check out the new blossoms! Love the way the red pops on our porch!

Going Post-It

This is why it is key for a reporter to not forget her notepad...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Torture on our Monthaversary

My wife is truly amazing. She has been a trooper, working full days
and coming home to make amazing dinners most nights. So, this morning,
on our monthaversay, she puts ribs in the oven and asks me to keep an
eye on them. Have you ever spent a WHOLE DAY in the house with ribs
coking?! Torture! It's the best smell in the world. There are lots of
ways to celebrate your wedding, but this is cruel and unusual.
All my love, Sweetheart.