Wednesday, September 28, 2005

WW week 2: shooting for the stars

Here's my weekly Weight Watchers update:  I lost 3.4 more pounds.. that makes for 8.4 pounds total. :)  I'm very happy with how things are coming along.  Also, Tuesday I started walking on my lunch break with two of my co-workers, Angela and Maria... and it seems we are an inspiration!  We were given silver stars at our meeting today.  I know, it sounds kinda cheesy... but that little silver star totally brought back elementary school mems of those stars the teacher would hand out to the good kids.  I would do anything to get one then.  Some things never change.

les is more

Scan0002 I think I may have missed my calling.  Or maybe I was a bit too obsessed with Encyclopedia Brown as a child.  Last night, I couldn't sleep... and I accomplished something monumental.  That's more than I can say for any other night of insomnia on record. When I was growing up, my brother's best friend, Les, had trouble at home.  His mom was a crackhead.  One year, she dropped him off at my brother Chris's birthday party and never came back.  Les pretty much grew up at our house.  Then through some circumstances, he ended up leaving, circa 1997.  Two years ago, when my Papa Tom was dying, I tried really hard to find Les because Papa wanted to see him "all grown up."  I tried.  I couldn't find Les Smith.  Well... last night, through some pretty impressive detective work, I FOUND HIM!! I haven't exactly made contact yet... but I have an address and phone number and I'm 100 percent sure it's him!  I called, no answer... I drove by his apartment, but it was a little sketchy and it was getting dark and I was alone, so I didn't get out of my car.  But I know he's out there.  "Out there," HA!  It turns out, Les and I live in the same city... the same city we met in when I was 9 and he was 7.  I can't wait to see him now.  I'll make sure to post an update.  Until then, here's a pic of les from a long time ago. 

Saturday, September 24, 2005

muffin head

my cat katy lu-lu muffin head of all heads booger head stinky love girl she is a good girl.  that last statement is just about word for word what I say when I get home in the evening.  If Katy could speak, what would she tell me about her greeting?  Would she even respond?  Would you, to that?  Either way... I do have a bond with my little 12 lb. (and growing) ball of fur.

  4digital_pictures_029Digital_pictures_037 Self_portraits_007

my two (news) dads

As I ponder what step to take next professionally... I'd like to give a shout out to the two men who gave me a chance, and taught me so much.  I could never thank Shane Moreland and Gary Stokes enough. 4digital_pictures_035_1 Gary_stokes

WW week 1: heavyweight

Last Wednesday, I started Weight Watchers.  So far, I am doing pretty well.  The WW Meeting is at work, which is fabulous because it makes it really hard NOT to go.  Plus, it's fun to get to know some of the ladies from upstairs in Sales (it seems like such a different planet up there!)  And I'm having a blast going through this with my co-worker, Maria.  She's already lost 9 lbs! In one week!  And I've lost 5 lbs.  Too bad my junk cravings are starting to come up in full force.  I'll try to keep track of my weight loss here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh how the years go by

After Courtney's wedding, I was downloading the pictures from my digital camera when I started to get a little reflective and did some digging.  We've been friends so long...



Recently, I had the honor to be the "maid of honor" in my best friend Courtney's wedding.  It was a great time.  I have never danced so much!  I had a blast and it was so great to spend time with Courtney, reconnect with Amber, Sagay and Katie, and make a new friend, Gretchen.

Here are some pictures:Dana_joe Courtneyswedding_013 Courtneyswedding_014Courtneyswedding_022 Courtneyswedding_003Courtneyswedding_031Courtneyswedding_028

hooked on foniks

I have to add this: so I was just spell-checking my last blog entry and get this -- apparently the spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "blog" or "blogging," it suggests "bloc" and "flogging"!!
Below are the definitions of above suggested words, per

Bloc : A group of nations, parties, or persons united for common action
Flogging : To beat severely with a whip or rod

I do not suggest you try Flogging a Bloc... however Blogging on a blog seems to be quite enjoyable.

a whole new world

Yeah, I know... the title brings back memories of Aladdin. No magic carpet here. I can't believe it, I'm blogging! I would be remiss not to give credit to my blogging forefathers.

Ronandfish Here's my Emmy speech of the blogging world. I first heard of the word from my pastor, Ron Jones. He leads Symphonic... the church I am a part of. I say that loosely because I haven't been that great about going lately. Thankfully, they still love me. I know Ron does. I love him too. His blog is awesome!!

BrianwilliamsSecond, is Brian Williams.  No, contrary to my wildest imagination, he's not a personal friend of mine, nor a co-worker.  But hey, maybe someday, huh?  And I'll tell him how I can't get through an afternoon at work without refreshing his blog every hour.. or, maybe not, for the sake of not appearing to be a stalker.

GretchenAnd I have to send a little shout out to my new friend, Gretchen. She started out as Courtney's friend, then she was Courtney's ultimate matchmaker, because she is Courtney's new husband's cousin. I guess she's Court's cousin now too! Anyway I met her because we were bridesmaids together in Courtney's wedding... Gretchen is hilarious and fun to be around... Her blog is full of laughs, I promise.

Click and enjoy!