Wednesday, September 28, 2005

WW week 2: shooting for the stars

Here's my weekly Weight Watchers update:  I lost 3.4 more pounds.. that makes for 8.4 pounds total. :)  I'm very happy with how things are coming along.  Also, Tuesday I started walking on my lunch break with two of my co-workers, Angela and Maria... and it seems we are an inspiration!  We were given silver stars at our meeting today.  I know, it sounds kinda cheesy... but that little silver star totally brought back elementary school mems of those stars the teacher would hand out to the good kids.  I would do anything to get one then.  Some things never change.


Courtney said...

Remember at Georgetown Elementary when the lunch tables would get different color stars as to how good or bad the table was. Of course, I am the one that links the stars to food!!

Gretchen said...

Great Job!! I am glad you have some budies to go to WW with and to also walk with, it makes all the difference.