Monday, November 26, 2007

Two more things, then, for real, I need to go to sleep.  See?  I am so all-or-nothing with this blog.  It's a little bit embarrassing.  And I think this Thera-Flu actually made me more awake, which is a cruel twist I wasn't expecting.


1.  I have now realized the power that I hold.  This blog is POWERFUL, people.  I have received my first gift solely because I blogged about the fact that I wanted it:Img_4415

Look what I got in my mailbox on Friday!

Shout out to my awesome sister, Tracy!! Merry Christmas to me!

Now, for the rest of you that are lurking here in this space, wondering what you can do to earn a shout out and a photo of me with a product brought to me by you...

I am also longing for:

--a new green ipod nano

--the book written by Peter Jennings' wife

--Hello! Gilmore Girls Season 7 DVDs

--And always - gift cards to Ann Taylor, Target and Starbucks

I am kidding, kind of. NO, really! Thanks Tracy soooo much.  I can't wait to read it.  And I'm LOVING that Tom Brokaw is on a book tour because I am seeing him everywhere, and I do miss him so. (Note to self and Gretchen: must find a TB signing in the near future so that I can stalk him out.

Here he was on Meet The Press:Img_4360

Such a muffin!

I love this man!!


Say hello to my little friend.

Last week, ground sausage was buy one get one free at Harris Teeter.

Being the frugal wanna-be that I am, I bought one and got one.

The thing is, I've never cooked ground sausage before, and I didn't know quite what to do with it...

So, my friends, I introduce you to.......The Pizza-Inspired Sloppy-Wich.  It's a working title, don't joke.

Pizza-Inspired Sloppy-Wich

1 lb ground sausage

1 onion

1 green bell pepper

1 handful of sliced mushrooms

kaiser roll

mozzarella cheese

pizza sauce

Sautee' the sausage, mushrooms, green pepper and onion in a skillet.  Pop the bun in the toaster oven. Spread the pizza sauce on the toasted bun and top both sides with cheese.  Then pile on the rest, mash it together and enjoy! (Note: you'll need a fork - hence the "sloppy" part)

I know, I know!! Rachael would be so proud.

Okay, seriously? Today Show? Seriously. Please stop interviewing everyone who knows/has ever known Drew Peterson. I don't care anymore. Please stop pushing me away.

Phew, now that THAT'S off my chest, I'm free to muse about my Thanksgiving.

'twas a wonderful holiday, eh?  I mean, who could not love a holiday that is nothing more, nothing less, than celebrating food and family and being thankful.  It's so pure and lovely and I am, quite frankly, thankful for Thanksgiving.

Now, family picture time... So, let's talk aImg_4458bout how big my "baby" Brayden is getting, mmkay? He can read and write and it kind of freaks me out.

But I guess you're supposed to learn those types of things in Kindergarten.

He's so big.  He signed the back of his new school picture for me.


Here it is on my fridge.

Oh, and above there, in the pic where he's signing... that's an inflatable sword hanging on his arm.

You just never know when you might need one of those!


Here I am with my big boys.  Colby and Jorden.

Colby is 15 now and I feel like he's about 7 foot 2.  And Jorden is growing man hair on his chin!


Here is my mom and her ThanksG mimosa.

Note the shorts. Yes, shorts! It was like 70!

Sometimes I think global warming perhaps isn't so bad at all...

70 degrees on Thanksgiving in Virginia? Sign me up!


Appetizer time.

Brayden was feeding Chris "boogers," which he claimed came from his nose.

These "boogers" were really some sweetheart type of candy, marketed as "goosebumps," or something.

I don't know. I know someone who has "kid food" in their house will fill me in.


So... maybe 50 isn't the new 30 after all... maybe it's the new 6.



He adores his Uncle Chris, even though he doesn't realize Chris is his uncle.

I don't really understand what Brayden thinks Chris is, but he's apparently "not his uncle."


Jimmy harvests Turkey #1.


The Colbster and my sister.

I told you he's 7 foot 2!  Seriously, in my family, when you pass 5 foot 10, you earn a blue ribbon - much like a 10lb tomato at a state fair.

We just don't see things like that 'round these parts!


This is the best picture of Tracy and me from the whole day.

We were feeling fat.

But, it WAS Thanksgiving... so I consider it "festive!"

You can always trust your sister to tell you if you have something in your teeth...


Told you.

That was the best picture.

This is 2nd best and it's AWFUL.

And the only reason I look 7 foot 2 is because I was wearing boots and Tracy was wearing flip flips.


Jimmy harvesting Turkey #2.


My brother kept the ladies happy with his bartending skillzzzzz.

Look at my mom's face! Is this screaming for a caption contest or what!?!?!

Ha ha.....


My big boys again.

Such cuties!!


One or two Raspberry-Tinis later....


Turkey #3.


YouTube time!

Poor Kenny the Tiger....



Brokaw and Wesley looking like Kenny the Tiger and his brother!

Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


Check out my family's ThanksG napkins.


It was a wonderful time... I always enjoy food and family.  And Thanksgiving - when I get to indulge in BOTH. What a BLESSING!!

I do have intentions to blog when I get home from work, to share my Thanksgiving pictures, etc.

That is IF I'm not in a Thera-Flu induced coma.  Ick. I have a nasty cough.  I came to work last night not with my makeup on my face, but rather in my makeup bag.  Which I should clearly never do, because no matter my intentions, the makeup never ends up actually on my face which is perhaps why one of my co-workers recently told me I look like Annika Sorenstam.  A 40-something old golfer who is never made up.Annikasorenstam

Sigh. I digress.

Hopefully I will have more for you later.
Cheers! Happy Cyber Monday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Best Times

When I was visiting Ann in Roanoke over the weekend, I had the privilege of going back to my old church, Rainbow Forest Baptist Church.  Being there made me realize how much I miss it.  It's like home.  It's like family.  It made me realize how much I am missing that in my life right now, "that" being a church family. 

I have always been active in church, but never have I experienced being part of a church family like I did at Rainbow Forest.  I miss it.  And I'm determined to find that here in the DC area.  It's so hard to find the right church, isn't it?  It's hard for me to open up and to get to know people.  It's hard to juggle being "involved" with my schedule.  Hard, but not impossible. And clearly, SO WORTH IT.  Please pray for me friends, that I will find it.  Now, if only someone had thought of an idea like this. That would really help...

Now, for the people who make me feel so loved whenever I see them...Kimmydana

Let me introduce you to my friend.  My favorite, if you will.  It's shameful to admit you have a favorite - but let's just be honest.

Sometimes you just identify with people and the favoritism just wells up inside you.

This is Kimmy. Or Kibby. Or KibbyLou. Or Kimberly. 

When we first met, she was just a kid.  Now she's a full fledged lady and I just treasure her so much on so many levels!Allthegirls

Here we are with Julie and Kimmy.  Ann and I used to have so much fun with these girls -- youth group stuff, small group meetings in Julie's basement... sleepovers, movies.

Oh, the best of times.  And I'm so proud of the women these girls grew up to be!


And here is Danae - another one of my old girls who is also grown up now.

Danae is like Dana plus an E.

She's a little extra - and we had so much fun rooming together at camp adventures!

Img_4336And here I am with a guy who feels like a father to me.

Pastor Mike!

He makes me feel so at home and so loved and I had such wonderful times with his family back when I lived in Roanoke.

Pastor Mike gives some of the greatest hugs around.

He will always be my pastor, no matter how far away from Roanoke I get.


Just in case you're wondering where the name Rainbow Forest comes from... I'm pretty sure it's because the fall leaves in Roanoke are off the hook.

Am I the only one who finds this funny?

Today from the CPSC: (I am not even kidding)

Discount School Supply Recalls Paint Brushes Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard

Monday, November 19, 2007

Okay, Where did I leave off?

I'm blogging at work. Shh. Don't tell the world.

My office is moving soon so there are boxes and messes everywhere - and it's making me a little crazy.  I can't wait to get to a brand new place with a brand new computer - because every night, my speakers work for a little while, then they just quit.  Boo.

Now, back to my weekends, because that's where it happens people.  During the week, I just work and sleep and walk the dog.  But on the weekends - that's when I make memories.

Exhibit A.  The Virginia Tech game this weekend.  Shout out to Ann for providing me with a free ticket - I had a **blast!**Ann_me_vt_sign 

We should so be on the college brochure - no one has to know we're not alumni!


Actually, perhaps someone should tell Ann she's not a student - because she sure looks like one here - note the loft bed in the background.

Ha ha.


But I guess hanging out with 20 year olds will do that to you...

These girls were a blast and they made us feel so young!



Here we are at the game. Circa halftime.  Lane Stadium is such an amazing place to be.

It's so loud and exciting, and it's so much fun to be a part of the sea of maroon and orange!

Note the awesome trees in the background.  The fall colors took my breath away.

Maroon was my favorite. (stop joking me Ann!)


Okay, so then the sun set.  And we nearly froze to death.

It's a good thing we had new VT gear to bundle up with!


Yay for my new hat and scarf!


Hokies kicked butt.

I secretly felt sorry for the two Miami fans sitting behind us.  When they would get a 1st down, there would be two faint cheers "yeah!"

Pitiful.  I need to be more hard core, I know...


After the game, I ran into an old pal at Starbucks... Rachel.

Rachel and I spent so many nights in the car to and from church.

Good times.  I hate that all my old girls are growing up - but I love it too.  I'm glad to see they're doing so well, even if it does make me really old!

More later..

Sorry, I think the Energizer Bunny battery is low.

I must rest now.

More later. Or tomorrow. No promises... but I really would like to post my pictures from the Tech game/Roanoke visit with Ann.

So, y'all come back now, you hear?

Energizer Bunny

I am the energizer bunny, apparently.  For the last month or so, I have either had someone in town visiting, or I have been away.  It has been busy, exhausting, and incredibly rewarding.  I am blessed with some really awesome friends and family.  Now, I feel like I should have a tour t-shirt from seeing virtually all of them in recent weeks.  I have been bursting with joy to post some of these pictures, so here you go.  Oh, and thanks to those of you who encouraged me to keep the blog.  I'm going to give it a shot.  As long as you're on board with nothing, nothing... then a massive blogfest.  3... 2... 1....

It's going to seem like I'm burying the lead here.  Trust me, my producer pals, I am not.  I am merely catching you up on my life in chronological order. 

Okay? All aboard... so, let's start with LAST weekend:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles...Img_4170 Img_4168 Img_4172

Okay, not necessarily in that order, but they were all involved in my trip to TEXAS last weekend to see my dear Michael, a.k.a. the Birthday Boy!Img_4231

As usual, my response when I see this boy -- WHAT A WEEKEND!  We enjoyed a fabulous stroll around the botanical garden, where suzie snapshots was hard at work:Img_4185

Texas has nice, big skies that remind me how small I am and how big my God is.

Img_4238 Img_4235 Img_4210

I loved the butterflies!


And the flowers!


Even the fruits...


And the feeling of sand between my toes...


It was a beautiful, memorable place.

Because of all of those things...

But more so because of the company...


It was nice to just take it all in...


Party Time.


Luke, the grill master.


Princess cleaned a lot of plates and she was out!


The loot.  I think the last time I got this many presents I was like 7!

Ha! I was a tad jealous.

You'll have to settle for pictures of the gifts WRAPPED...


Because SOMEONE thought she was taking pictures but wasn't...



So, we were forced to re-enact.

Look how surprised Michael is!?!



I mean look at how good this guy is at faking it....



I'd say it was all a hit.

The food.

The gifts.

The party.


A good time was had by all.


Of course, no visit would be complete without the ceremonial self portrait...


This one is my favorite.


We are one cute couple if I do say so myself.

And I did.

So there you go.

Yet again... what a weekend!