Monday, November 19, 2007

Okay, Where did I leave off?

I'm blogging at work. Shh. Don't tell the world.

My office is moving soon so there are boxes and messes everywhere - and it's making me a little crazy.  I can't wait to get to a brand new place with a brand new computer - because every night, my speakers work for a little while, then they just quit.  Boo.

Now, back to my weekends, because that's where it happens people.  During the week, I just work and sleep and walk the dog.  But on the weekends - that's when I make memories.

Exhibit A.  The Virginia Tech game this weekend.  Shout out to Ann for providing me with a free ticket - I had a **blast!**Ann_me_vt_sign 

We should so be on the college brochure - no one has to know we're not alumni!


Actually, perhaps someone should tell Ann she's not a student - because she sure looks like one here - note the loft bed in the background.

Ha ha.


But I guess hanging out with 20 year olds will do that to you...

These girls were a blast and they made us feel so young!



Here we are at the game. Circa halftime.  Lane Stadium is such an amazing place to be.

It's so loud and exciting, and it's so much fun to be a part of the sea of maroon and orange!

Note the awesome trees in the background.  The fall colors took my breath away.

Maroon was my favorite. (stop joking me Ann!)


Okay, so then the sun set.  And we nearly froze to death.

It's a good thing we had new VT gear to bundle up with!


Yay for my new hat and scarf!


Hokies kicked butt.

I secretly felt sorry for the two Miami fans sitting behind us.  When they would get a 1st down, there would be two faint cheers "yeah!"

Pitiful.  I need to be more hard core, I know...


After the game, I ran into an old pal at Starbucks... Rachel.

Rachel and I spent so many nights in the car to and from church.

Good times.  I hate that all my old girls are growing up - but I love it too.  I'm glad to see they're doing so well, even if it does make me really old!

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