Monday, October 31, 2011

On Halloween, and October, and Moving On

Happy Halloween, y'all.
I remember talking to my sister and brother in law on the phone last Halloween.  They had the boys all dressed up for trick-or-treating.  It was a Sunday.
We were being super lame, eating chili, and watching football at home, and I was clipping coupons.  We didn't even hand out candy.

I thought then, why are we being such Halloween grouches?  And, I determined to be more festive this year.
Can you believe I haven't EVER carved a pumpkin? (To be clear, this just wasn't a tradition in my house growing up, probably because it's messy, not because I have a long history of being a Halloween grouch)  Well, one year I kind of supervised a pumpkin carving at a church event, but still, I've never actually done it.

Well, my dreams of super-festive October just didn't happen this year.  I think I was home all of like 10 days in October.  I wasn't home for my birthday, and we (as a couple) never celebrated.  My attempts to go apple picking and pumpkin picking also never happened.  My dreams of making homemade apple butter will have to wait until November. There is hope for this weekend.

All of this has made me pretty bummed out!  But, oh well.  Life goes on.  Tonight, we have half a bowl of candy (oops!) to hand out to our neighborhood kids.  The dogs love the kids in our neighborhood.  And I'm looking forward to seeing them in their costumes.

Next weekend, we'll try again for apples.  I'm done with the pumpkins.

I was thinking about Halloween this morning.  And, I remembered two Halloweens that have been worse than this one.  I believe that comparison is not the best medicine or coping mechanism, but I feel like it's a little more fair if you just compare yourself to yourself.

This story will make my friend Eric very happy. I think it's his favorite Dana story of all time. It is not my favorite, but it is funny...

It was Halloween 1988 (circa).  I was the new kid at school.  At my old school, all the kids dressed up on Halloween.  I didn't pay attention the day they said not to dress up.  So, my mom did my full clown makeup before school that day, handed me a dozen or so cupcakes bought from Bi-Lo, and sent me to the bus stop.  That's when it happened.  I saw the bus come down Sparrow Road.  I had really good farsight back then, at my ripe age of like 8 years old, and I realized that NONE of the other kids were dressed up.
Thankfully, I had awesome reflexes.  I dropped my store bought cupcakes and my book bag right there on the roots of the tree I stood under to wait for my bus, and I ran.   I never even looked back.  I ran straight to my front door, hyperventilating.  My mom held me while I cried my clown makeup off, washed my face, went back to the bus stop and picked up my book bag, stopped by Bi-Lo for new cupcakes, and drove me to school.  She told me it was going to be okay.

I really didn't believe her.  But, I had no choice.  I had to keep going.

I know it sounds silly to look back on the month of October all emo and sulky, especially because there are people dealing with way worse/heavy stuff in comparison, but trust me, it has been a little tough around here.

So.  Happy Halloween, y'all.  At least there's chocolate.  And tomorrow, we'll toast November.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Most Uninspired Post, Ever.

Hello, my dear readers.
Bless your hearts for hanging on with us this month.

You know that the past two months have been crazy busy for me, right? I think I've mentioned that. :)
I was in the office all of two days in the month of September.
I'll be in the office Monday, for the second time in October, and it's the 31st.

I haven't had much time to myself.
Not much time to gather my thoughts, to let them wander, and end up with a bunch of brilliant blog post ideas.
So, that's that.

Miraculously, you have still visited, and clicked here and there, and for that, I am grateful.

I almost always chuckle at the random Google searches that lead you here.
For example, the top searches for the past week:

1. Dana Brown Ritter
2. Homemade Christmas Gifts
3. Apple Crisp Recipe Paula Deen
4. Joni and Friends paintings
5. Paralyzed husband
6. Puggle in pumpkin costume
7. Baby handoff
8. Dana Perino
9. danabrownritter
10. dog flash eyes

I am happy to bring you the most random content on the planet.

And now, a reward for staying tuned... Brokaw in his Halloween costume in 2008.  That was the last time he dressed up for Halloween.  After that, I was engaged and planning a wedding, then a newlywed, and this year, same story.  What can I say, when budgets are tight, the dog costumes just don't make it on the shopping list.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The View From Here

I am home!! I am on my way to the grocery stores (I almost always go to more than one) and I noticed the pretty Virginia leaves changing. Looking forward to our drive out to the Shenandoah Valley this week!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The View From Here

Okay, well, technically this isn't the view from here, but it's pretty much the same view - but right now, I'm on the other side of the plane, and it's full sun, not sunset.

I have been traveling almost non-stop for the past month and a half.  I hope you forgive me for my lack of blogging.  I'm hoping to have some time at home with the Hubs later this week, I'm looking forward to that.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today is My Birthday

Today is my birthday.
In about 15 minutes, my phone will ring.
At exactly 11:28am Eastern.
It will be my mom, to re-live the experience that brought me onto the scene, and made her a Mom.
I love that little tradition.

I feel a little off this birthday, because I'm in Vegas for work.  And I'm in this funky time zone.  I'm not a big fan of other time zones.  When I'm in Pacific time, I still pretend that I'm in Eastern time.

So, technically, I turned 32 in a press filing center outside of the Western GOP Debate.  That's pretty cool.  It was a great debate.  I love covering this stuff! I'm a 32 year old nerd. 

I will celebrate with Michael, when I get home. 
But, this year, I want the birthday celebrations to continue way after my birthday!

I have been profoundly impacted by our recent visit to and contact with my brother's friend who is recovering at Walter Reed.  Michael and I really feel like God is stirring in us something He wants us to do to help families who are standing by their soldiers in these difficult times.

I can't bring my brother or anyone else home from Afghanistan.  I can't patch up war wounds.
But, I can chop vegetables...
I can put a chicken breast in a pot...
I can saute' stuff...
I can cook.  In fact, I LOVE to cook!
And, I can package food up like any good church lady can...
And, I can provide good, healthy, home cooked meals to the moms, girlfriends, brothers and sisters, and/or kids of these soldiers who are in the hospital at Walter Reed - only about 40 minutes from my house - who are essentially deployed right now.  Helping their wounded warriors recover, as they face hospitalizations that are months long.

In some cases, they can't leave that bedside at all.  So, what? They exist on hospital food or vending machines or McDonald's?  Not that there's anything wrong with McDonald's, I love me some McDonald's.

But, the point is, there is a lot they are missing.  There is a lot that they simply can't do right now as they acclimate to the role of caregiver.  I want to help!  This is just the first way.  I'm praying that there will be ways that Michael and I can be used to reach out to these families, especially couples who are new to disability.  It can be a lot to bear in a marriage, but it's not impossible.

So, if you'd like to wish me a Happy Birthday, thank you!  I ask you to think about what you can do to join me in this project.  One very practical way is sending gift cards to grocery stores.  Michael and I have the heart to do this, but just being honest, on a practical level - we live on one income.  There isn't a lot of room in the grocery budget if you know what I mean.

Here are the stores in our area:
Harris Teeter
Trader Joe's

I also welcome any meal ideas you may have, or recipes you want me to make with the gift card that you provide! 
If you live in the DC area, you could make meals and drop them off with us.  We have a big freezer. :)  We can pack them up and take them to Walter Reed.

Thanks so much y'all.  It is a Happy Birthday indeed.
I have everything I need.
Pretty much everything I want.
The best husband in the world.
A job that doesn't feel like a job.
And a family that I love and that loves me so much.
This is definitely a time to give instead of get.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Want to Work at a Farmer's Market

I took this picture last week in New Hampshire, at a Farmer's Market we stumbled upon while we were shooting a story about the economy, and the upcoming election.

Let me get this straight right off the bat: I am currently working at my dream job.  My ultimate goal was always to cover the White House.  I've done that.  I've sat in the seat in the briefing room, attended Presidential press conferences, and visits of foreign leaders.  Now, my life is focused on covering the race for the White House in 2012, and I've been following the GOP candidates around the country since January.  It is so much fun!  And I am LOVING it.

But, there's something romantic about a Farmer's Market.  My eyes open a little brighter.  I see the colors of the fresh produce, I smell the home made baked goods, and I want to touch all of the beaded necklaces and bracelets and what not made by hand.

It's like stepping into Etsy, live!

One day, probably not until I'm an old retired lady, I totally want a booth at a Farmer's Market.  I don't know what I will sell.  Not produce, I'm not so good with plants.  Probably homemade bread, and jams, yum!  It would be so much fun to set up a little booth, have a cute little sign, and do something totally on my own.

I'd never get rich at it, though. (Not that I'm ever going to get rich being a journalist.)  I am my mother's daughter in my spirit to create and do things on my own.  But, I am not a born businesswoman.

Ah, maybe someday.  Maybe someday, I could make and sell my own stuff.  And write about it, of course.

The View From Here

Mr. Puggles seemed to enjoy all of the smells coming out of the kitchen yesterday. Drool fest.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Post

I know it has been a while since I've done a Saturday Morning Post.  Well, it's been a while since I've had this quiet Saturday morning time alone!

I am home for about 3 days before I leave for Vegas. Then, I'll be home for A day, then leave again for Iowa.  September and October have been complete craziness as far as the travel goes.

So, I'm looking forward to November.

I am thinking about our Student Ministry this weekend, because they are on their getaway (our church's first ever!) and I am not with them.  I hate missing things!  But, I leaned on Michael's wisdom for this one.  And he knows me, he knows what I need better than I know myself sometimes, and he suggested I stay home this weekend.

So, here I am.  And he was right, I needed the rest.  And we needed the time together.

We went on date night last night, thanks to an Entertainment coupon book he bought from a neighbor kid while I was away. I love coupons! :)

We went to a restaurant we'd never been to before, close to home.  The food really wasn't great at all.  But the date was wonderful!  Are we the only nerds who have one drink on a date, then walk around a farmer's market, shop separately at Ross and a music store, then buy a couple of new candles at Bath & Body Works, before coming home and watching three episodes of Parenthood and falling asleep in the chair? (the falling asleep in the chair part would be me.)

Whatever. It's so us.  And I happen to love right where we are right now.

I love dreaming about the future, too.  Last night, as we drifted off to sleep, we talked about my birthday, which is coming up next week, and that somehow led to baby talk.  We aren't close, yet.  But you know, in the next couple of years!! There is a lot of uncertainty about how we'll get there, but we'll get there "one way or another,"  and I can't wait to experience that, together.

We joked that we'll have a head start on other couples in the teamwork department.  And, in the 'dealing with poop' department.

It was fun to talk about, think about, and imagine the day... But, right now, it's nice to decide to have date night whenever we want, stay up until 1:00am watching Netflix, and have an office. :)

Today, we're going to clean this apartment (well, today or tomorrow) and COOK.  I busted out a bunch of recipe magazines for some fresh ideas to cook for us and some pretty special people.

P.S. confession: I totally cut and highlighted my own hair in my bathroom yesterday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Picture of Love and Sacrifice

Last week, my brother, my dad, and my sister road tripped it from Virginia Beach up to DC.  Our little family spent the day at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (a.k.a "the new Walter Reed")
Our objective: To visit PFC Derek McConnell.  Derek is a buddy of Chris's who was severely wounded by an IED in Afghanistan, in July. 
I will never forget the phone call.  The blast happened close to Chris.  Derek means a lot to Chris.  The day after that explosion, when I sat in my office, on the phone with my little brother, I could hear how freaked out he was in his voice.  He sounded sad.  And terrified.  And that was the first time I ever heard it in his voice.  It probably wasn't the first time he felt that way, but it was the first time I could tell.

I hung up the phone, and started crying, right there in the newsroom.
A couple of days later, I found this Facebook page, Prayers for Derek McConnell.
And I started praying for this guy, every day.

Then, I found his mother, Siobhan's blog on Caring Bridge.
She shares a daily journal of how Derek is doing, life at the hospital with her one-day-to-be daughter-in-law/Derek's incredibly cute and full of love girlfriend, Krystina.  I never miss a day of reading it.  I have prayed so much for this family, emailed back and forth with them, and read every single update, I felt like I already knew them.

I recognized them in the hallway when we got there.  Chris walked into Derek's room first.  The rest of us wanted to respect Derek and his family's wishes, and just be there for support.  We didn't want to crowd up the room, but we were invited in.  

"Sgt. Brown," I heard Derek say.  And I watched my little brother, who I know is generally incredibly uncomfortable in hospital situations not be a guy who is freaked out by a bunch of medical stuff, but as a SGT leading a PFC.  "McConnell," Chris said, as he went in.

We greeted Derek's mom and girlfriend in the hallway for a bit while he and Chris visited.
Siobhan gave me permission to take a few pictures.  It was hard for me to get Derek's face in the picture because I'm so short, and I couldn't see over the foam supporting his arm. (He had just had surgery on it the day before) Derek's girlfriend, Krystina, is a major Steelers fan, so I joked that it looked like Derek had a Packers Cheesehead in a head lock!
Chris brought Derek a flag from Afghanistan that all of the guys, except the ones who were on leave at the time (and they visited Derek when they were home, too) signed, in dedication to him.  Derek was asking about where particular soldiers signed it, and Chris pointed that out, as Derek's mom hung the flag up in his hospital room.  Chris signed another Army flag that hangs for visitors to sign. 
I was struck by so much in that small hospital room that day.  Struck by the power of love.  The love of a mother to write every single thing down in a notebook, to follow doctors' and nurses' actions so attentively because she wants her son to get 100% the best care possible.  Struck by the love of a girlfriend who dropped out of school and quit her job to stand by her soldier through this trial.  These two women are so strong and amazing.  They haven't been home to New Jersey since July.  They love Derek with all they are, and they love each other, and being around that kind of love is just flat out inspirational.  I said it.  And I wouldn't mess with either one of them, either! :) They're small, but they are feisty!

Chris also gave Derek his camo Army ball cap.
The other thing I was struck by in that hospital room was the sacrifice.  Here was a 21 year old guy, with no legs. The bottom of the bed - empty. The sacrifice he has made was profoundly obvious.  Then, I thought about the sacrifices his girlfriend has made, putting off school and work.  And his mom, a single mother of 5 kids, here for months.  His brothers and sister are sacrificing.  His unit, still fighting in Afghanistan, is sacrificing without him there to fight with them.  The doctors and nurses... the list of sacrifice goes on and on and on.

And Derek is not the only guy in this position.  Walter Reed is filled with American soldiers who are making life altering sacrifices.  I was moved by seeing this in person, with my own eyes.  You don't see these stories on the news as often as you should.  I think the print media has done a better job than TV.  The Huffington Post and the Washington Post have done stories.  And, recently Scott Pelley of CBS News spent a week filing stories with my brother's unit in Afghanistan.

But this kind of love, this kind of sacrifice, it's a story.  And I am profoundly grateful.  I have to do something.  For this family, it will be meals.  Let me know if you want to help with that!

But there is something stirring in my heart.  Especially for these young couples, like Derek and Krystina, and Rebecca and Dan who Michael wrote about yesterday.  I'm wondering if there is anything Michael and I can do to help these young couples new to disability.  I know it's not the same.  But, I just wonder if this is a place God would want to use us.  We are available, Lord.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcoming My Soldier Home

The background of my computer is my brother's Army picture, as such.
Often, when I'm working on my computer on a plane, a stranger will lean over, and ask me if this is my husband.  I explain, no, he's not my husband, he's my little brother, and he's serving in Afghanistan right now.  They tell me to thank him.  He is my soldier.

A little over a week ago, I got to do one of the coolest things I have experienced.  Welcome my soldier home.
We were totally that family at Norfolk International Airport.
You know, the one with the giant American flag balloons...

The paparazzi... 
And the crying, clapping crowd.
Would you believe, when Chris got off that plane, and saw us standing there with balloons, a big "Welcome Home Chris" sign, and a lot of his friends and his whole family... he started walking into Starbucks like he didn't know us!?!?!  My mom pretty much started to chase him down.

My favorite part of the whole thing - hearing so many people in the airport start clapping.  They saw what was happening, and put their bags down and put their hands together for SGT Chris Brown!! I couldn't have been prouder of my brother.

There were lots of hugs and kisses at the airport.  Then, there was some celebrating at a restaurant afterwards.  And more the next morning...
 This is Chris watching the video I made for his 30th birthday, which happened in August when he was in Afghanistan.  I loved watching him watch it for the first time!

The time we got to spend together was priceless.  I got to see him some more a few days after his big homecoming.  More on that, soon.

Please continue to pray for Chris and all of his men.  Chris has to go back to Afghanistan too soon, for 6 MORE MONTHS, ugh.  His guys are all cycling through their leave right now. Please pray for all of them that they are rested, refreshed and encouraged and ready to get through the rest of this deployment!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Wounded Soldier's Story


In Sunday's Washington Post, we read the story of another couple facing the challenges of disability. He was a lieutenant in the Army serving in Afghanistan when he was blown up by an IED. They barely knew each other before he was deployed overseas. When she saw him next he had lost both legs.

Rebecca and Dan have been through ongoing rehab along with special dinners honoring wounded and fallen soldiers. They also face the challenges of everyday life. Both are making plans for their futures.

As we meet and hear the stories of other couples with a disabled spouse we realize two things. One is we aren't alone. So many others are going through the things we are. The other is we have opportunities to really help others. Despite anything we may feel, our lives --ups and downs-- are out there so people can grow.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I love the beach. I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. I love the smell. And I love seeing the horizon.  Mostly because it makes me feel small, makes me remember there is a big God in control of this big world, and somehow, it's all going to be okay.

He's got this.
When I'm overwhelmed and exhausted, He's got this.
When I'm worried about my brother, or my husband, or how I'm going to get everything done that needs to be done in the next month, while also traveling to New Hampshire, Las Vegas and Iowa, He's got this.
When my heart breaks for the young men and women who have given life and limbs and their way of life, because of this war in Afghanistan, He's got this.

The waves will keep coming.
But, there is peace in remembering the horizon.

Lord, thank you for your new mercies this morning.  We need them!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies are probably my favorite food group.  Every now and then, though, I want them to be Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I found this recipe from my good friend, Betty, the other day.  And, all I can say is YUM!

Here's what you need:
1.5 cups packed brown sugar
1 cup butter, softened
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg
2 cups quick-cooking oats
1.5 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup nuts (I used walnuts)

What you do:
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

In a big mixing bowl, stir together the brown sugar and butter.
Lick your spatula. Mmm.
Add the vanilla and the egg.
Then, the oats.
Then the flour, baking soda and salt.
And finally, the chocolate chips and nuts.
Drop the cookies, by spoonful on to an un-greased baking sheet.
I have no idea how many cookies this makes, but let's just say we had about a dozen for ourselves, we gave about a dozen to our neighbors, and still had dough left to freeze.

I give this recipe an A+.  It's easy, it doesn't require any crazy ingredients, and the dough freezes well.
Enjoy with a cold glass of milk!

The View From Here

Every night, before we go to bed, Michael takes the dogs out, then gives them treats. He has to entertain Brokaw, so B doesn't go after Princess's treats.  Here he is, "dancing."

A Quick trip to Lynchburg

Also, at some point recently (I believe this was last week), I road tripped it down to Liberty University, where I went to college, to cover Rep. Michele Bachmann's speech to students there.

It was pretty surreal to be in the Vines Center, as a working professional, and not as a freshman sitting in Section 121, trying to remember if I made my bed that morning, and if I was going to pass room checks or not.  I saw some old friends, and loved that!  This guy below, we used to work together at WSLS when we were both pretty much children.  I don't know why, but someone let us put together the weekend news. Great to see you, Tim!  Are we really this grown up?
I saw some other friends who were literally children the last time I saw them! Shout out to Jessica and Amanda!

And Gooz - who brought me some Iced Coffee swag.  Definitely owe you one!

I actually had a couple of COMS students approach me for advice, both of which I told my #1 piece of journalism advice to - "Be a stalker."

Bachmann's theme for her convocation speech was "Don't settle." It ended up being a re-launch of sorts, for her campaign.  My favorite White House Correspondent, the lovely and talented Jennifer Wishon scored an exclusive interview with Bachmann, backstage.

We ate lunch at Macado's, and wrote our story.
Then, I had a Milton Milkshake, and drove back to DC.

One of the best things about going to and from Lynchburg (other than the Milton Milkshake and the sweet mems of college life) is the drive.  It's a beautiful drive.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On Seeing Old Friends

So nice to catch up with Jennifer Petterec after oh, about 11 years!

When I was in Orlando, I was lucky enough to catch up with some old friends from college.  One night, I got to see Jimmy and Jennifer Petterec.  I was on YouthQuest with Jimmy and Jen, and I remember them back in the day when they were just falling in love!  Now, they've been married for 10 years, have two adorable kids, and have been in Youth Ministry for years.  I really enjoyed laughing with them about 90s fashion, old memories, and hearing what God has done in their lives and marriage over the last decade.  I also leaned in as they shared their experiences with youth ministry, since I'm back in the game on that.  If you want some awesome recipe ideas and home decorating tips, check out Jennifer's blog.

I also got to see Reece and Erin Mashaw.  I knew Reece in high school.  He was actually a very important friend at a very important time in my life.  I was a brand spanking new Christian, and Reece was my best friend.  I learned so much about the Bible from him, and I respected him for being a quiet leader in our youth group, and just an all around nice guy who gave pretty much everyone a chance.  He was also my Prom date.  I got to know Erin also on YouthQuest.  She can sing her tail off and is also one of the funniest girls I've ever met! :)  They too have been married for a while, and have two adorable kids.  And, get this - she's pregnant with TWINS.  You should definitely check out Reece's blog, he writes about life in a way that reminds me of Francis Chan, so be ready to open your eyes and get your spiritual butt kicked every now and then.  I loved catching up with them, and hearing their story of the twists and turns of life and family and ministry.

I came away from both of these visits with old friends with a deep sense of gratitude.  I am friends with some awesome people who really love and serve the Lord.  I realize now that I totally took that for granted when I was at Liberty, especially on YouthQuest.  I think back to this amazing group of people, many of whom I'm still friends with, and I have to wonder - will I ever again be a part of such a great community?

I find it's harder to make friends as an adult.  Maybe it's just me.  Maybe it's because when you're a kid, or a college student, there's a level playing field, everybody is at the same place you are in life, for the most part.  But as adults, everything varies.  Some people have jobs, some people don't.  Some people are married, some have kids, some are unhappily married, some can't have kids and are full of sorrow, some are divorced, some have older kids, or babies, or jobs they hate, or they move away.  It's all different.

I have friends in my current community.  At work.  At church.  Even here in the apartment complex where we live.  But my best friend on the planet.... lives in Thailand.  And, I miss her dearly.

I have a history of being serial monogamous with my best friends.  And, honestly, right now, I'm lonely.  I miss having those close knit friends, yet, I find myself reluctant to make such friendships.  Maybe I'm afraid of the vulnerability?  Maybe I'm just tired.  I don't know.  

I wish these friends lived here instead of in Florida.

Trip to Orlando

I'm trying to catch this blog up with real time.  I'm also trying to catch up on laundry.  So, why not do one while the other is tumbling, right?

I'm not exactly sure when, but sometime recently, I went on a work trip to Orlando.
First, I'd like to start with a picture from the first time I went to Disney World.  Mainly because of my Dad's socks. Epic.

Okay, back from 1989... to 2011.
We went to Orlando to cover yet another GOP Debate, CPAC (that's a conservative conference) the straw poll, and to shoot The Brody File Show.

First up, the debate.  The most memorable experience was the media filing center, which is nothing like media filing centers I have been in in the past.
It was a very swanky Google Lounge, with white carpet.  
And smoothies. And a candy bar.  It was craziness.  It seemed pretty fun, until the debate started, then I realized the little theater seating area I was in was viewing the debate on a delay (because it was on You Tube) so I had to skidattle (sp?) out to the main couches, but then I had trouble finding electrical outlets, so I ended up on the FLOOR.  At that point, I was mad at the Google lounge.
Then, some random reporter girl moved, and I plopped down on a bean bag.  That was definitely a first. I've never filed a story from a bean bag before!  This was my view of the debate:

So, that was interesting.

The next day, we camped out for several interviews backstage at the CPAC conference.  It was fun, and productive, but I remember being exhausted.  I didn't take many photos.
The next day, we went to Walt Disney World, to shoot our show.
What a blast!  And, I think it turned out to be one of our best shows, ever!

I am a very lucky girl to get to work with a bunch of great guys who love the Lord, love their jobs, and serve each other.  We are a happy family.

 I got a kick out of pushing a stroller full of TV gear around Disney World.

FYI, if you want to see our show, check it out here.  Our show is a mix of faith and politics.  We obviously don't take ourselves too seriously, but we have some exclusive, meaty interviews, mixed in with some hilarious commentary!  If you want to know about the 2012 candidates, but you don't want to be bored to tears, The Brody File Show is definitely for you!