This is an inside look at the life we live. What it's like to be the other one. Not the one on wheels. What is it like to love like this?

This is who we are. We are the others. We are the caregivers.

In this 40 page eBook, I expand on my most popular blog post of all time, to share stories behind what I wrote, stories from our life that everyone can relate to. Laugh, learn and be inspired by this crazy life we lead.

Come on along. Get to know us a little better. I bet we have more in common than you realize.

You can get the Manifesto on Amazon, or download it here for just $2.99. It's available for download on your computer, your iPad, your Kindle, your smartphone, or if you're old school (nothing wrong with that) you can even print it out.

There are stories of falling in love, every day life, grief, multi-tasking, weight lifting, and bodily functions. It's the true life stuff of a good looking quadriplegic and his young wife.

We Are: A Caregiving Manifesto is available now!

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