Friday, August 31, 2007

New Kid at the White House

WhitehouseYesterday I went to my first White House press briefing.  It is etched in my memory, in detail.  I still can't even believe I was there.

You can watch the briefing here.

Okay, so of course I got there way early - like you do on the first day of school.  Thankfully, I had cute hair.  :)  Moments after I walked in - looking like a lost little kid - they announced the briefing was being delayed. Great. What do I do? There are people all around me who look like they've been there forever, and I can feel them laughing internally at me.  I know they could just tell I'd never been before.

So, a nice guy from TIME shows me where I can sit, and then shows me where the vending machines are.  I got a Diet Coke because I didn't have anything better to do.  I stood in the break room which was full of photographers who were eating and watching movies on their portable DVD players.  Yeah, just stood there. At one point I introduced myself to the group and told them it was my first briefing (like they didn't already know).  Then a nice guy from CNN came and told me he found a place for me to sit.  So, then I'm sitting there - at the LA Times computer, with like an hour to kill. So, I text messaged my sister a few times, called a friend, and actually wrote in a journal.

Then, around the corner comes my old co-worker, Patty!! Yay!! I was SO happy to see her, I can't even tell you!  So Patty gave me a giant hug and then showed me all around the place and introduced me to everyone - it was the best thing ever!  I kept thinking, every time I was shaking someone's hand: a) I can't believe I'm shaking said person's hand.  b) in the White House c) NOT on a field trip.

So, they gave the 2 minute warning over the intercom... Patty went back to her little NBC News cubicle, and I was on my own. IN THE BRIEFING ROOM. 4th row back, on the end.  I opened up my little notebook and clicked my pen ready.   Out comes Tony Snow and company and I felt my mouth hit the floor, I'm pretty sure.  Truth is, I hardly wrote a note.  I was just in awe.

It was so amazing.  I can't wait to go back.

Things to do next time:

-Speak to Helen Thomas and get her to sign my copy of her book

-Take my camera and get a cheesy photo of myself at the podium

-Ask a question (well, maybe not next time, but some time in the future!)

I'm such a dork but I don't care!!

In other news... Ann is coming to visit me this weekend and I can't wait!

And, seriously? It's been 10 years since Princess Diana died? Man, I'm getting old...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today... I'm getting my hair cut!  I LOVE haircuts!  Yay. A fresh start. 

update: pic of my new haircut. Sans make-up, beware, and I'm wearing jammies... but it's the HAIR you're looking at, remember that!


Oh, and look at my sweet, golden little Katy Lu-lu.  She finally ventured down from the top of the kitchen cabinet and snuggled in my bed. I actually didn't make my bed (that never happens) just so she could snuggle in it - I was so proud of her for coming down.



Of course, it wasn't long before you-know-who showed up on the scene.



It was really sweet. And it's major progress. But I still had to kick them off my bed. I mean, seriously, I'm all for the bonding and all - but can't they bond on the floor?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh, Overnights...

How I've missed you.... NOT!

Yes, I'm bringing back the "not" from 8th grade.

Seriously, last night was my first overnight shift in about a month - and I felt like I was going to DIE.  It's amazing how quickly the body can adjust to a "normal" sleep schedule... I forget how long it takes to "adjust" to the overnight schedule. 

Oh well. It's all good. At least when you work all night you can do cool stuff during the day like lay by the pool and read and go to the gym.  Yesterday I took Brokaw for the longest walk ever and discovered a cute little park and a local library!

But, I was so tired driving home this morning I was nauseous.  Oh, and I apparently still do not know how to get around.  Why can't the metro run 24 hours? Hmm?

Be the crappy schedule what it may... I'm still so happy and blessed to be here!

I can't get the lyrics to the Kenny Chesney song out of my head:

Well, im what i am and im what im not
and im sure happy with what i've got
i live and love and laugh alot
and that's all i need

One Sunday I listened to the preacher
and i knew he was preaching to me
I couldn't help it I walked up front
and I got down on my knee

Right then and there I swear
I changed when I found the Lord
Glory Hallelujah Good God Almighty
I never wanted nothing more
no i never wanted nothing more

Monday, August 27, 2007

On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful...

I had a super fun weekend with a couple of my best pals, Courtney and Gretchen. I've been friends with Courtney basically as long as I can remember... and I feel like I've been friends with Gretchen just as long.  It really is special - to have friends with whom you can just let it all hang out.

Here are some pics from our weekend at the "Shuuwa."

Img_3599Posing for the cam.  The humidity was working major volume into our hair - by the minute.

Img_3600Scary Owls.  I could feel them watching us.

Img_3608It's raining men - hallelujah!!

Go Nancy!

Img_3610Gretchen and Jay - the brother and sister party-starters.

Img_3611Courtney and Ro - I can't believe it's almost their 2nd anniversary!

Img_3612This is the effect of the party-starters. Mission accomplished.

Img_3616I'm pretty sure when you work up a sweat dancing, it counts as cardio, I'm just saying...

Img_3617Shout out to Joe - keyboardist extraordinaire - who provided the soundtrack to our silliness.

Img_3620After Hours - the party moved down the street -- and we had WAY too much fun with the slow child.

Img_3622I forget who, but someone was cropdusting...

Img_3623Sunday morning at the Shuuwa.  Tubing, anyone? (Man, I'm scary without make-up... I hate aging)

Img_3625Go Gretchen!!

L_85d1242c5a072a4cd3c881e59f8d251cAlways looking hot. Always.

L_76fe57e47c69d8cb2c505c723d6f1a48Ladies and gentlemen - may I introduce you to the new must-have item. When you see this in In Style magazine, remember you saw it here first!

There's nothing like an EXTRA SMALL life jacket to squeeze even the smallest of chests into something that should be blocked on your computer!

So, I'm going to start wearing one everyday.  Cool?

L_1de5948339e63d3dec3bb75be52447e_2Just call me Miss August.  Nice face, huh? Courtney!!

Img_3629What a weekend.  Now they have to come visit me!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The guy who lives across the hall from me is out of town, I guess.  His Sunday Washington Post has been just sitting there in front of his door, for days. Here's what I think is funny: As the days go by, people are picking through his paper.  Every day, a different section is on top, and the pile is growing smaller and smaller.  Today it was Style on top.

So, that commuting badge I earned yesterday? Revoked. This morning, I learned that just because a train pulls up with a blue light - does not necessarily mean that it's the BLUE train.  I realized this as the train I was on started crossing a body of water that I did not remember ever crossing before.  It was the yellow line.

So, I got off as soon as possible so I could transfer to the blue line - where I belong. And the COOLEST thing happened. I sat down on the blue train - and who gets on and sits right ACROSS from me?  Chip Reid. Who's Chip Reid, you ask? WELL... he's the Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News.  We had a lovely conversation which I will never forget, and he has likely already forgotten.

Yellow line special.  It was grand.

And - YES I do have a kitchen, I'll have to post pics of that when I have a sec.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's cloudy and gross outside today so I'm wearing a sundress and a white cardigan.  I'm thinking I should get the white in before D-Day in a couple of weeks.

Can we talk for a minute about quiet offices? Until now, I've never really been in one.  I don't think I like it.  I miss all the background noise. I think I'm so conditioned to having to drown out noise to focus that when I don't actually have noise around to drown out - I can't concentrate.

This morning on the metro, I saw two people that are always there at the same time as me. Don't I get some kind of reward for being an aware commuter recognizing my flock?

I miss Starbucks.  I may have to treat myself one day soon. 

I'm feeling really guilty in the mornings leaving Mr. Puggles in the apartment.  I didn't feel as guilty when I was leaving him at night. Why is it different?

Another question - if I'm walking nearly EVERYWHERE these days - why, I ask, have I gained two pounds? I'd like to file a formal complaint.  Today I'm aiming for three bottles of water consumption while at work.

Steak Dinner trip countdown: 2 days.

This is terrible news.

some pictures...

It's not much - but here are a few pictures:Img_3541_2

Bye, Bye Pittsburgh!


The BEFORE.  What a mess!



The AFTER. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be!


It turns out... I CAN actually live in 600 something square feet. 

It's tight, and I've had to be creative with storage solutions - but I actually LOVE IT.

So. Yay.


This weekend - I played tourist.  I took the camera, the National Geographic DC book and everything into town.


I sat in the grass on the National Mall for HOURS Sunday, reading about the history of DC and the architecture.  I had no idea there was such drama!


It was swell.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hello, hello, hello!!!

I am SORRY I haven't blogged in FOREVER.

However, I thank you, my friends, for being patient with me.

I won't bore you with details of the move - there was a little drama but in the end it was okay - because it gave me more time with one of my favorite people on the planet. Plus, a dog adventure involving a discarded sandwich.

I am adjusting at work. I'm such a dork - I am thoroughly enjoying all of the little things about living and working in DC. Things like riding the metro to work or getting a Capitol Hill press pass. Those things make me sigh as I lay down to sleep at night and think - seriously? I'm really here? Doing THIS? How lucky!!

My highlight so far was an interview at the White House with Tony Snow.  I was so intimidated. My mouth lacked moisture in a big way. Like it used to during cheerleading try-outs. You know? When you have to pay attention not to smile too hard so that your top lip won't get stuck on your gums and you'll look like Fire Marshal Bill?  Yep. That was me.

The people I work with seem great. They're patiently teaching me the ropes and chuckling at my dorkiness as I beam through new experiences.

That's all, for now.  I need to post pictures of my tiny, however fabulous, apartment. 

I have a new appreciation for things like parking spaces, shopping carts and paychecks.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am still alive

Hello friends! Yes, yes, I am still in the land of the living. DC has not eaten me alive... I hope to have internet service at home tomorrow (Wednesday) so I'll be able to update soon!

Monday, August 6, 2007

13331607_80x60_2Shout out to Becky Emmers for including my blog in Links N'@.  I had a record number of visitors between Friday and Today - all from

Today I was finally PRODUCTIVE after a few days of nothing but fun.  Sunday the sun decided to be a no-show in Pittsburgh so Gretchen and I had the cure for that: The tanning bed. I am now regretting that I have not been a member of Hollywood Tans. That place is the deal! The "beds" are all these stand up contraptions a-la star trek (I've never technically watched Star Trek so that could be way off, Trekkies, let me know...) or like something you would take to the future. And yes, I took pictures. Because I'm the psycho who takes her digital camera into the tanning bed. See what happens when I'm not working? I'm super blogger -- letting you in on every aspect of my highly entertaining, glamorous, fulfilling life that you wish was yours! I'm only half kidding here...Img_3520 Img_3521 Img_3513

For the record... I HATE mirrors like this. The ones that START at about 5 feet up... NOT good for short people! I have lived in two apartments with these mirrors that are exclusively for TALL people... not cool. World: LOWER the mirrors! It's good to know that the top of my head looks okay but it would be better if I could see my FACE!

Okay... back it up a couple of days... I have more pictures to share.

Img_3459 Friday: I met Gretchen, Jason and a group of people for the Pirates game. The Pirates are so horrible, it's embarrassing, really. Luckily, it's a BEAUTIFUL ball park and there are ample people watching opportunities. The only baseball player I had ever really heard of before was Ken Griffey Jr. and he was on the other team. The Pirates lost like 10,002 to 4. You know how they have a slaughter rule in little league? I see no reason for that to go away as you grow up. Surely, the Pirates would appreciate it. Oh well. There was one home run, so there were fireworks and I had  Primanti Bros. sandwich and a Snickers Ice Cream Bar, so you won't hear any complaints out of me.Img_3461

Gretchdanabball Img_3462

A classic pose... Danasilly

Remember? Must I remind you... Silliness.


Saturday night there was a mini birthday bash for the beautiful, talented and overall wonderful Sarah Bowers. I'm going to miss this girl!! I actually did two shots, which is history making. I've never done more than one in one sitting. Not too bad.  I'll definitely be back in the 'Burgh for Sarah and Mike's wedding (in like 5 years or whatever).Img_3505



Tonight I had dinner with My Heath. Oh, add him to the list of people I will miss the most. One of my real friends in Pittsburgh. Heath makes my heart melt because he tells me things like "You're golden." Seriously? Aren't you just glad for people like that? We were instantly friends. And while I'll miss our Outback Steakhouse dates (my waist and thighs will not) I know... this is "not goodbye... it's just I'll see you later..."

He's the only guy I know who can use an Outback menu as a prop for the city of Pittsburgh... and pull it off.


We're smiling through the pain of being so stuffed we both probably unbuttoned our pants the second we sat down in our SUV's...


Okay.. now one of the things I will NOT miss about Pittsburgh:

Stupid Parkway East shutdowns...


And you wonder, how is it I can take so many pictures of myself in the car?

Seriously. I finished a chapter of a book on my way to Rock Bottom Saturday night. Stopped. Still. For almost an hour.

(I don't really expect it will be any better in DC, but still...)

In Other News... Brokaw update.  So, he's still a little disoriented and acting a little crazy. He spilled a bunch of glittery scrapbook confetti all over my bedroom floor the other day. I vacuumed it up, but still, somehow, it's EVERYWHERE. I swear - I saw some in the shower today!Img_3484 Speaking of the shower - Brokaw got a hold of the last of my Cinnamon Buns shower gel (it's almost out anyway) and he was trying to eat it. I think this makes more sense than barking at the trash can - because at least it smells like something edible.  I am, however, the best doggie mommy in the world though, and I bought him a new toy that he TOTALLY loves. I knew he would love it when I saw it and that if he was with me, he'd totally pick it out. So, I used that to bribe him into giving me back the shower gel.

Poor puggle. He's got a rough week ahead too.Img_3532


Friday, August 3, 2007

So, Brokaw's new thing is barking at the trash can. I have NO idea why. I have had the SAME trash can in the SAME spot since BEFORE Brokaw even existed. I do not know what is with the new fear/obsession/whatever it is. I took the trash out. Cleaned it. Sprayed it with Bitter Apple. NOTHING will stop him. Every now and then.. he just runs over to the trash can, and attacks it. I think the trash can is winning. It has scratches and puggle pawprints all over it, but it's still standing.Img_3391

Img_3343I have to share this: Wednesday at work, we all took a picture with a poster saying "We Love Robin" (Roberts) and sent it in to Good Morning America so that Robin would know how much Pittsburgh is pulling for her. I emailed it to GMA - and would you know? They put it on TV. Robin thanked us. I hope she knows how much we really mean that we love her. Update: I read today that she came through surgery just fine and is resting comfortably at home now. Yay. We'll continue to pray for her as she continues treatment.

Am I In Heaven?

If I had not gotten a parking ticket last night I would seriously have thought I have died and gone to heaven.  My last day - it was just overwhelming - the nice things people were saying to me. Incredible. Humbling. Unforgettable. Makes me not want to leave. But I have to - I'm on a mission - to be at a network by the time I'm 30 -- and tick-tock, there's that clock again...

Let me just tell you what I've done since I left WTAE.

Yesterday I spent half the day at Barnes & Noble. (thank you Heath)  That was a BLAST since we all know B & N is my "3rd place." (you know 3rd place right? everyone should have one.. there's 1=work, 2=home, then you're supposed to have a 3rd place - mine is Barnes & Noble) I had fun sitting in a comfy chair, browsing through like 10 different books, sipping my grande caramel frappucino. That was AFTER all the toddlers left. Seriously - I think they were having a special or something - two toddlers for the price of one or something. I realize that by writing this I'm going to be cursed somehow with a screaming child - but, clearly, that's not going to happen anytime soon, so here goes: Dear mothers of the world: Please, please, PLEASE control your children. If they're screaming, especially in Starbucks or Barnes & Noble - please remove them from the store. It's such pollution. It makes my head hurt, and my forehead wrinkle. Anyway, enough ranting, after the toddlers cleared out, it was blissful.

Then I went to Target (thank you Becky). I bought new toss pillows - because THAT makes sense - to buy MORE stuff when you're about to move. Oh well.

Then, heavenly night in Squirrel Hill a.k.a. "Squirrelville" with Gretchen. Are you sitting down?

1. Thai food at Bangkok Balcony

2. Pedicures


4. Ice Cream at Cold Stone Creamery

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? All of this in one night? This is like the adult version of going to Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion for the day as a kid. When I laid down to go to sleep last night, I just reviewed the evening and couldn't believe it. (I did get a parking ticket, which like I said, I'm glad I did because I know I'm still on earth) Any of the above activities on any given night would have MADE my night.

All in one? SERIOUSLY!?!?

As we were eating our ice cream on a church step last night Gretchen put it just right. Last night had no highlight. It was ALL highlights. Gretchen said "You know when you pull too much hair through the cap when you're highlighting? - The chunk? That was tonight."

Well said.

Oh, we saw this girl who TOTALLY looks like Paris Hilton

Then I went to breakfast with Franklin. At Drew's. French Toast. Yummy!!

Today I went thrift-storing but didn't really find anything (I don't need anything else to move anyway) and tonight we're going to the Pirates game.

Go Buccos!

I could get used to this not working business... 

Img_3344I have HAVE **HAVE** to give a shoutout to my friend, Michelle.  She's such a wonderful, beautiful person -- inside and out -- and I'll miss her SOOO MUCH.  I already have been missing her, really since my schedule changed to mornings however many months ago.

Michelle made me feel welcome at Channel 4 from day one. Well before that, really. During my interview. She's so easy to work with - and I wish we would have had more time together because I just know I could have learned SO much from her. She's a super classy lady - So much class. SO much class... and THESE DAYS that's HARD to find in anyone. (I know I sound old - perhaps it's because I'm reading that Nora Ephron book that I'm not really old enough to read)

Michelle, I thank you for your kindness.