Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's cloudy and gross outside today so I'm wearing a sundress and a white cardigan.  I'm thinking I should get the white in before D-Day in a couple of weeks.

Can we talk for a minute about quiet offices? Until now, I've never really been in one.  I don't think I like it.  I miss all the background noise. I think I'm so conditioned to having to drown out noise to focus that when I don't actually have noise around to drown out - I can't concentrate.

This morning on the metro, I saw two people that are always there at the same time as me. Don't I get some kind of reward for being an aware commuter recognizing my flock?

I miss Starbucks.  I may have to treat myself one day soon. 

I'm feeling really guilty in the mornings leaving Mr. Puggles in the apartment.  I didn't feel as guilty when I was leaving him at night. Why is it different?

Another question - if I'm walking nearly EVERYWHERE these days - why, I ask, have I gained two pounds? I'd like to file a formal complaint.  Today I'm aiming for three bottles of water consumption while at work.

Steak Dinner trip countdown: 2 days.

This is terrible news.

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christin said...

you DO get a prize for the commuter recognition. i love that about commuting. and cities. makes you feel like you have friends in strangers. and quiet offices - bleh, i hate them too. i have one, and i have no "office" or wall or anything to create my own white noise. so today i have in IggyPod.