Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh, Overnights...

How I've missed you.... NOT!

Yes, I'm bringing back the "not" from 8th grade.

Seriously, last night was my first overnight shift in about a month - and I felt like I was going to DIE.  It's amazing how quickly the body can adjust to a "normal" sleep schedule... I forget how long it takes to "adjust" to the overnight schedule. 

Oh well. It's all good. At least when you work all night you can do cool stuff during the day like lay by the pool and read and go to the gym.  Yesterday I took Brokaw for the longest walk ever and discovered a cute little park and a local library!

But, I was so tired driving home this morning I was nauseous.  Oh, and I apparently still do not know how to get around.  Why can't the metro run 24 hours? Hmm?

Be the crappy schedule what it may... I'm still so happy and blessed to be here!

I can't get the lyrics to the Kenny Chesney song out of my head:

Well, im what i am and im what im not
and im sure happy with what i've got
i live and love and laugh alot
and that's all i need

One Sunday I listened to the preacher
and i knew he was preaching to me
I couldn't help it I walked up front
and I got down on my knee

Right then and there I swear
I changed when I found the Lord
Glory Hallelujah Good God Almighty
I never wanted nothing more
no i never wanted nothing more

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