Wednesday, December 21, 2005

live, laugh, love

LookinglikemypuppetI recently got an e-mail from an old college friend.  When I wrote him back I chose to dig up some old pictures to scan and send.  It brought back some good memories.  When I was at Liberty University, I was blessed to be part of a team called Youthquest.  Youthquest was really the selling factor for me choosing to go to Liberty.  I made some incredible friends on YQ.  We would travel in these 15 passenger vans on weekends to churches in random places and do skits and sing and stuff. Our goal was to live for Christ, love people, and make them, and ourselves laugh. We had a ton of inside jokes.  I think YQ will be one of those things that all of us will carry for the rest of our lives.  Lots of funny stores.  I'll have to post them when they come to mind.  For now, here's a funny picture of me.  Everyone on my Youthquest team said I looked like my puppet.  I did. Ha! Poor puppet!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

blast from the past

Today I got a phone call out of the blue.  It was my ex-boyfriend.  Not the recent one, the original.  My first love... also my first real ex-boyfriend.  We talked for about 45 minutes.  He's engaged to some medical student who I'm sure is beautiful.  But that's beside the point.  After the conversation, I was refreshed.  I think today he crossed over from the file of "ex-boyfriend" to "old friend."  You know what I'm talking about... the friends you have that you can just pick up where you left off... no matter how much time has passed.  They're the same people that know you.  Today talking to Chris helped me remember me.  Yeah, I've grown up a lot since then... so has he.  But he knows me.  It was refreshing to be able to just talk and laugh and know that he's going to get my message... without me having to explain anything, or make excuses for anything.  I am thankful for Chris.  Yeah, 4 years ago at this time, I was heartbroken.  But it's all good now and I can be thankful for things we shared like day trips to New York City and our first jobs in the real world.  And there are also the things he introduced me to that still remain part of who I am... like Starbucks' Caramel Macchiatos, Louie Giglio, and post-it notes. 

flat tire

Last night I was leaving the mall when I realized my left rear tire was flat.  In the parking lot.  In the dark.  I was alone.  All of you single people will be able to identify with me on this one.  There are certain things that just make you feel more single.  Last night, I realized flat tires are one of those things.  I had no natural person to call to come and fix my tire and rescue me.  I tried my sister.. and ended up calling my 16 year old nephew.  It turns out, their whole family came to my rescue.  My brother-in-law changed it for me today... and I bought a new tire, so now I'm back in business.  But last night, I was alone. Single.  With a flat tire.

office party

I just got home from my office Christmas party.  It was so much fun.  My dad was my date :)  It's always fun to get all dressed up and see my co-workers under stress-free conditions.  Plus, I LOVED my dress.  And I'm quite proud of how I looked in it.  Losing weight sure does help you gain confidence!  Please excuse me if I sound full of myself... I promise, I'm not.  I'm just proud of how far I have come.  Thanks to all of you who have supported me.  Here are some pics:Christmasparty05_001 Christmasparty05_002 Christmasparty05_004 Christmasparty05_005

ww update

Sorry for slacking... my computer room isn't heated... so I haven't been here for a few days.  Here's my Weight Watchers update:  This week, I was a "Big Loser."  I lost 3 pounds!! My total weight loss is now at 22.4 lbs.  I am very proud of myself.  All I want to do is shop though, which is an unexpected side effect of losing weight.  Be warned.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

i'm taking up more space

Hello all... I have an announcement: I'm taking up more space on the internet.  Shame on me.  Oh well... I realized a new way I could stay in touch with friends from college... myspace.  Check out "my space" at: