Monday, August 27, 2007

On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful...

I had a super fun weekend with a couple of my best pals, Courtney and Gretchen. I've been friends with Courtney basically as long as I can remember... and I feel like I've been friends with Gretchen just as long.  It really is special - to have friends with whom you can just let it all hang out.

Here are some pics from our weekend at the "Shuuwa."

Img_3599Posing for the cam.  The humidity was working major volume into our hair - by the minute.

Img_3600Scary Owls.  I could feel them watching us.

Img_3608It's raining men - hallelujah!!

Go Nancy!

Img_3610Gretchen and Jay - the brother and sister party-starters.

Img_3611Courtney and Ro - I can't believe it's almost their 2nd anniversary!

Img_3612This is the effect of the party-starters. Mission accomplished.

Img_3616I'm pretty sure when you work up a sweat dancing, it counts as cardio, I'm just saying...

Img_3617Shout out to Joe - keyboardist extraordinaire - who provided the soundtrack to our silliness.

Img_3620After Hours - the party moved down the street -- and we had WAY too much fun with the slow child.

Img_3622I forget who, but someone was cropdusting...

Img_3623Sunday morning at the Shuuwa.  Tubing, anyone? (Man, I'm scary without make-up... I hate aging)

Img_3625Go Gretchen!!

L_85d1242c5a072a4cd3c881e59f8d251cAlways looking hot. Always.

L_76fe57e47c69d8cb2c505c723d6f1a48Ladies and gentlemen - may I introduce you to the new must-have item. When you see this in In Style magazine, remember you saw it here first!

There's nothing like an EXTRA SMALL life jacket to squeeze even the smallest of chests into something that should be blocked on your computer!

So, I'm going to start wearing one everyday.  Cool?

L_1de5948339e63d3dec3bb75be52447e_2Just call me Miss August.  Nice face, huh? Courtney!!

Img_3629What a weekend.  Now they have to come visit me!

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