Recently, I had the honor to be the "maid of honor" in my best friend Courtney’s wedding.  It was a great time.  I have never danced so much!  I had a blast and it was so great to spend time with Courtney, reconnect with Amber, Sagay and Katie, and make a new friend, Gretchen.

Here are some pictures:Dana_joe Courtneyswedding_013 Courtneyswedding_014Courtneyswedding_022 Courtneyswedding_003Courtneyswedding_031Courtneyswedding_028

One thought on “MOH

  1. Yes! I have to admit that my wedding was the best! I had the best Maid on Honor and Bridesmaids ever! I love how Gretchen described it as the Bridal Par-ty!

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