Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Were did I leave off?

Oh yes... in sunny, warm, marvelous Florida.  Let's go back!

Here are a few more Honeymoon pics:

Honeymoon 012
Honeymoon 013
Honeymoon 014
Honeymoon 018
Honeymoon 008
Honeymoon 020
Honeymoon 021
Honeymoon 024
Honeymoon 030
Honeymoon 029
I had to make sure to put a 2nd picture of the rose (our waiter gave me that off the table at the FIVE STAR restaurant we ate at our last night there) for my sister.  She'll call it "art" and laugh her tail off.  I love it!

For good measure, 24 hours after Michael and I were eating amazing seafood at that incredible Gulf-side restaurant with a million and a half eating utensils (each) we were eating frozen pizza on my couch. Yay, mawwuge. :)


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