Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nerd Heaven

I am a nerd.  I married a nerd.  This is nothing new to anyone who knows either or both of us, but I'm just getting it out there.

We're lucky enough to live in a place where nerds are everywhere.  And nerds are even glorified!  DC is busting at the seams with nerds.  Young nerds, old nerds, cool nerds, nerdy nerds, you name it.

Case in point - the National Book Festival. (an annual day of greatness)

September09 001 A couple of weeks ago, we were in nerd heaven at the book festival.  It was raining, but we parked it in the History tent and listened to Jon Meacham, Dan Balz, Ken Burns and Gwen Eiffel.  If you don't know who any or some of those people are, I understand.  Google them, if you wish, and you'll see why I love them so much!

September09 004
September09 003 We parked it right behind C-Span's little area, so we were watching on the screen.  I was totally geeked out by the litte laptop switcher.  Awesome.  Shout out to Kristen!

September09 005 Yay for Jessi and Brendan for nerding along and enjoying the day with us!

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kristen said...

woo!! thanks for the shout-out!! i didn't get to see any of the national book festival but i was in baltimore the next day for that one and got to chat with Gwen Eiffel.
btw, i'm totally jealous of your new job!! :) i usually only get to see the movers & shakers when they come to our studio or i run into them randomly in the parking garage.