Monday, October 19, 2009

A birthday highlight

I forgot to mention this in my birthday blog.  This morning, as I do every day, I was reading Mike Allen's Playbook email from The Politico.  It's a daily read-thru of all the goings on of the White House/DC etc.  It's like Cliff's Notes for the day ahead.

Folks, I made the Playbook!!!!!  My birthday made the list!  It was so cool to see that! I was totally not expecting it.

Check it out:

BIRTHDAYS: First Foursome Member Marvin Nicholson (hat tip: Christina Bellantoni) … Homeland Security spokeschief Sean Smith … Patricia Ireland … Jon Favreau (the actor, not the more famous one) … Amy Carter ... Amy Walter ... Winston Bao Lord ... Steve Doocy ... WaPo's Lindsey Applebaum ... Grover Norquist ... Dana Brown Ritter CBN News DC Bureau Producer (uber-h/t: Patrick Gavin). TOMORROW: Sheldon Whitehouse

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Rebecca said...

so cool! and its Steve Doocy's b-day too!