Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Rehearsal Dinner

We had our rehearsal dinner at this Sound access in the town of Nags Head that was just perfect!  It was right at sunset, so it was really beautiful!  Photos by Jess:

10122_1223623274392_1343286509_628502_7397245_n 10122_1223623314393_1343286509_628503_4000364_n We ate some really good Pigman's BBQ and unfortunately I did not get any of Aunt Tonja's Butterfinger cake but I hear it was to die for... I do know that she is a pretty faithful blog reader, so hopefully we will have more at some point down the road! :) (wink, wink).

10216_1226731224694_1121431821_699781_2738891_n After dinner, Michael and I gave out our little gifts.  It was so special for our very best friends to come all the way down/up to the Outer Banks to be a part of our wedding.  It's such a sweet time!

10216_1226731384698_1121431821_699785_5236771_n Then... Jarred had me put Michael's "business socks" on him for a special little presentation.  Jarred and Jimmy sang this "It's Business Time" song and it was HILARIOUS.  The funniest thing was Jarred apologizing to his mom every verse.  I thought he made it up, but apparently it's from Flight of the Conchords, which until then, I had never heard of.  I need to find video of this event, because I know it exsists, and you have to see it.  It totally made the night, thank you so much Jarred!!!


Ahh yeah, that’s right baby
Girl, tonight we're gonna make love
You know how I know baby?
Cuz its Wednesday, and Wednesday night is the night that we make love.
Tuesday night is the night that we go and visit your mother, but
Wednesday night is the night that we make love.
Cuz everything is just right, conditions are perfect.
There's nothing good on TV, conditions are perfect.
You lean in close and say something sexy like " I might go to bed I've
got work in the morning." I know what you're trying to say baby.
You're tryin to say "Ooh yeah, it's business time, it's business time."

Chorus (Both)

It’s business, it's business time!
That’s what your trying to say, your trying to say lets get down to business
its business time.
Its business its business time

Thats what you're tryin to say, you're tryin to say lets get down to
business it's business time! 

Ooh, Next thing you know were in the bathroom brushing our teeth.
That's all part of it. That's foreplay.
Then you go sort out the recycling, that's not part of it but it's still
very important.
Then we're in the bedroom. You're wearing that ugly old baggy
t-shirt from that team building exercise you did for your old work,
and it's never looked better on you.
Mmmhh, team building exercise not tonight. Oh you don't know
what you're doing to me. I remove my jeans but trip over them
cuz i've still got my shoes on, but then I turn it into a sexy dance.
Next thing you know I'm down to just my socks and you know
when I'm down to just my socks what time it is. It's time for
business. It's business time.

Its buisness, its business time
You know when I’m down to just my socks its time for business,
that’s why they call them business socks

You know when I'm down to just my socks it's time for business
that's why they call it business socks


Ooh, makin love, makin love for two, makin love for two minutes.
When its with me you only need two minutes, cuz I’m so intense
Two minutes in heaven is better then one minute in heaven
You say sumthing like “Is that it?”
I know what your trying to say, your trying to say “Ahh ya that’s it”
Then you tell me you want some more
Well im not surprised, But im quite sleepy.

Its business, its business time
Business hours are over, baby
Its business, its business time.



Rebecca said...

I am totally laughing out loud..i mean tears in my eyes b/c i can totally see it...jarred and miss ladonna!! hahaha!! that is great those boys are too funny!

Rebecca said...

still laughing...