Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Life is a Chick Flick

I mean seriously.  How many other people do you know who met someone through a chance e-mail.. kept in touch for 8 years, took a chance and got on a plane... dated long distance, then ended up getting married.  On the beach.  On a gorgeous day, Labor Day weekend, surrounded by their friends and family.  Staring at the ocean and into her man's beautiful ocean blue eyes as she said her vows.  My life is totally, utterly (yes I said that) and ridiculously blessed.  I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was the Lord who brought Michael and me together.  I couldn't possibly be more grateful and I can't possibly adequately put how I feel about this whole deal into words. 

Confession:  Blogging about this totally intimidates me!  You really had to be there.  You did.  The love was just oozing all over the place.  There are 900 pictures from our awesome photographer that you can look at here.

But what you really should do is look at the video that my friend Greg shot/edited/produced. (right click on it and click "save as target.") It will be up for a couple more weeks.  If you can't download it, email me.  It is worth the leg work.  Even if you are a random person who I don't even know who reads this blog.  It's my life, yes, but I have watched this video like 100 times and I still can't believe all of this is for real.

Some best of pics from our big day. (Courtesy of Amy)  One month ago today!! Happy Monthiversary, Babe!  There are a million more on Facebook that I still need to save to my computer!


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Ugh!! There are more pics, but it won't let me post any more :(

Guess I'm at my blog limit for the day anyway!

I have so much more to say about the wedding.. you're going to be totally sick of hearing about it if you aren't already!


mike said...

A day to remember!
I can agree that the entire experience has been something you read about.
Grateful for the memories so far and those to come.

Rebecca said...

I am so glad you are back!!! Love all the updates!!!!!! beautiful!!! makes me happy seeing mike so happy too and you too, but you know what i mean..he is like my big brother...