Friday, October 9, 2009


Wow! I am realizing a lot of changes to the way Typepad has the enter-a-new-post thingy set up and it looks different... very.. um... Wordpressy.  Which, may be a good thing?! We'll see.. well, hopefully you get this post!

Michael and I had a WONDERFUL Honeymoon!  Oh my goodness, I get all drooly thinking about it.  We spent 4 days on Anna Maria Island in Florida.  Had I ever heard of said honeymoon location before said honeymoon actually took place?  No.  Would I go back?  Let's just say, I will so metro directly to Reagan Airport right now if that was possible! Maybe SOMEDAY...

Anna Maria was so kind to us.  We had the chance to just RELAX.  We caught up with a lot of Mike's high school/church peeps for another wedding reception the first night we were there, and that was a blast.  It was such an honor to meet all of these people I've heard so much about and I know meant so much to him in such a difficult time in his life, and still mean so much to him - I felt like I already knew and loved these people before I met them! Does that make any sense? Or am I like a ridiculous 1999 Savage Garden song?

Anyway... if I get some pics of that night, I'll share.  Otherwise, you have to settle for the mushy ones we pretty much took of ourselves and our surroundings once we made it to the resort. 

We had so much fun! Lounging by the pool, swimming together in the Gulf of Mexico (with the fish! I'm not even kidding you, they were literally jumping out of the water and over Michael's chest when he was on the float!), we ate at a great little townie pub on the pier, ate at a 5 star restaurant, watched a storm roll in beachside in the dark, and well... I guess that's all I'm at liberty to write about :)

Trust me... it was awesome!


Honeymoon 006
Honeymoon 007 

Honeymoon 002 Michael likes to joke that this picture is my priorities: Coffee, God, then my husband. I would like to also draw your attention to the napkin and the glade candle - I also consider cleaning and having a good-smelling environment top priorites as well!

Honeymoon 003 Look at that happy husband! This was post-sunscreen and pre-sun! 

Honeymoon 004 It's hard to beat that feeling of sand in your toes!!

Well y'all... I have more to share, but my boss pretty much said nothing is going on and I can take off if I want to, so PEACE OUT! :)

Have a great weekend, and I'll be blogging more next week! Don't give up on me!


kristen said...

ha!!!! the candle thing is totally me!!!
glad to see you had a great time :) the pics are awesome!

Chris said...

Great blogs Dana. Just got caught up. (you are officially part of my blogroll, just so you know)
Would love to come down and meet Michael some time. I'm really glad you had a great wedding day
Your pal through Robbie (r+) LIndner,