Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pre-Wedding Fun

After my last day at Hearst extravaganza, I immediately hit the road and trekked down 95/64/168 to the OBX, baby!

Once I was there, I unloaded a plethora of wedding stuff into my stepdad's "man cave" and turned it into my wedding workshop!  I thought I had a picture of that, I don't... but trust me, it looked like my wedding threw up all over the place.  There were blue and brown out of town guest bags and all kinds of starfish and sandollars all over the place!

The Friday before the wedding (so last minute, I know, I know) Michael came down and we went to Manteo to get the MARRIAGE LICENSE (cue the choir of angels!).  The trip was quite stressful because apparently Dare County, NC built an entire new court complex and forgot to tell my GPS... but we got it done.  See?

8323_254562545471_538950471_8599476_3273835_n Yay, we're here for our marriage license!  Hand us those forms, we'll happily fill them out!

8323_254562550471_538950471_8599477_6380315_n Seriously!!!

8323_254562560471_538950471_8599479_4938455_n Like the Tom Petty song... "the wai-aiting is the hardest part."

8323_254562555471_538950471_8599478_2668260_n I am looking large and in charge here.  Whoa.

8323_254562580471_538950471_8599482_3069544_n Yay!!! We are all official.  And yes, we are the couple who convinces the poor woman who works at the Regiser of Deeds' office to pose for a pic with us.

This is actually pretty fitting that I post this today, because I just received the copies of our license in the mail the other day and this week I plan to complete my name change.  I will officially be Dana Brown Ritter soon, that's crazy, right?

8323_254562585471_538950471_8599483_5085804_n While we were getting our marriage license, my stepdad's mom. a.k.a Mrs. Floyd, was drowning in our flowers.  We ordered blue hydrangeas and white roses and that green stuff (can't remember what it's called anymore) from samsclub.com and they were so beautiful!!! We saved a ton of money, yay!

8323_254562610471_538950471_8599487_1548191_n My mom's good friends Martha and Debbie (they're actually both Debbies but we won't go there) put together all of our bouquets and the centerpieces and as you'll see.. they were so gorgeous!  I made a million trips up and down the steps that night putting the flowers in the fridge.  That was the best use of me because these flower-arranging ladies were out of my league!

8323_254562620471_538950471_8599488_1043641_n That night I went out for a semi-last night of singleness with my mom's girlfriends.

8323_254562635471_538950471_8599491_4050173_n We had so much fun.  Paris was a hoot!  Too bad I left my little glass on the table :(  I had a little "bride to be" pin that lit up and everything.  I was like a little ambulance.

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