Monday, November 9, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

I know what you're thinking.  This girl has totally dropped the blogging ball again, and now she's back and trying to be all cheerful on a Monday morning? Whaaat?

Three letters for you. P.S.L.  Yep.  I'm having a sweet reunion in my mouth right now.  Oh, Pumpkin Spice Latte, how I love you and how I've missed you.  I'm so glad we're together again.


I'm going to do a bit of a random thoughts, update blog, mmmkay?  Good.

1.  Notice the red cup?  I'm am just not about pushing Christmas before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I wish STBX would do orange or brown cups for the month of November.  And Christmas music? Please.  Not now.  I'm already hearing it scanning on my radio, and noticing snowy and Christmasy commercials.  Hold on a minute!

2. It's going to be like 73 degrees today. Totally awesome for November!  LOVE not having to tote or wear a coat.

3.  I want stuff.  I've been such a good girl for the last year, working my tail off and not buying music, books and clothes, you know?  I got to enjoy a bit of a spending spree in October for my birthday... now it's like I've awakened the beast or something!  I walk by store fronts and I hear that little voice in my head ("I want that!!!")  Seriously.  I didn't even hear that voice for a while, now it's interrupting my thoughts!  Things I'm drooling over now are two CD's - Harry Connick Jr. and Sting have new albums.  I want them!  And Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe's book. I want that too!  Maybe I can buy myself some Christmas gifts :)  So bad.

4.  Wardrobe malfunctions.  Two weeks in a row I blew it.  Both times were Fridays.  Two weeks ago, for the first time at my new job, I wore jeans on a Friday.  I felt cute and professional, since I still had on a black suit-like jacket and all... then I remembered, Oh yeah... I need to go to the White House today... felt a little underdressed.  I went anyway and I tried to duck in and out under the radar.  It wasn't that bad. Then, this past Friday... oh my goodness!  I ran out of the office in a hurry because President Obama was going to make a statement in the Rose Garden about the Fort Hood shootings and the bad unemployment numbers... um.... yeah... about a block from the office, I noticed my feet were really comfortable.

November09 010 So, yeah... I was humbled... as I stood in the Rose Garden in my Nikes..........  how embarassing!! I was going to tell anyone who asked that I "just had foot surgery."  Haha.

November09 007

5.  For the last week, I've been driving to work instead of taking the Metro.  If you're all "Green" and what not, don't hate... but I kind of like it better.  It gives me like an hour more a day to spend with my husband.  So, I vote for driving.  I'm going to see if that can be the new normal. :)  The drive in is beautiful!  Watching the sunrise over the Nation's Capital - not bad at all!

November09 002

6.  Every time I see Dana Perino on Fox, I want to cut my hair.  I have such raging hair jealousness.

7.  I interviewed Howard Kurtz for a story a couple of weeks ago and he signed my book!  I'm such a nerd.  Helen Thomas is next, if I ever remember to take my book with me! :)

November09 025


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