Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Hubs

This year, for the first time, I got to stroll down the birthday card aisle and look in the "Husband" section.  It felt so strange! 

Not that there's a chance that there's a card that exsists that could possibly put into words how glad I am that Michael Ritter was born 33 years ago today.

He's my husband, my best friend, my hero, my lover, my partner, my comforter, my dog walker, my laundry folder, my inspiration, my reason... I could go on and on and on.... and apparently Hallmark doesn't even have a section that's labled all of those things. As if!

I love this man with all that's in me.  I love him even more than I did the day I married him, just two months ago.  I love him even more than I thought I ever would two years ago, this week, when we decided to take the plunge and be "boyfriend/girlfriend" (how middle school, I know).  I have the feeling it will always be like this.  That's what I hope, what I pray, and what I look forward to.

It's so much fun building our own traditions now that we're married.  This morning, I set out all of his birthday cards, and made cinnamon buns with candles for him to blow out.**  Fresh coffee with whipped cream.  We got up and started celebrating right away.  The fun will continue tonight.

BABE - I hope this day that you feel the LOVE.  From everyone.  I've never met a person who knows you, or even just knows OF you that doesn't think you're amazing.  I'm so incredibly proud and honored to be your wife.

Here's to 33 and all that this year in your life holds.  I love sharing every moment with you. Muah!

November09 026 The re-enactment of blowing out the candles.  I was trying to be all perfect-wife with the cinnamon buns... learned a little lesson about that?  Wanna hear it? Here it goes.  Apparently... you shouldn't put wax candles in cinnamon buns that are fresh out of the oven if it takes half an hour to get to the breakfast table.  We had melted wax in the middle of our buns!  Nothing a knife and a hungry dog couldn't fix, though :) Thank God I didn't light the candles... Hahaha.. live and learn.  Welcome to our life - lots of trial and error, baby!

November09 027 The card loot.  Courtesy of our sweet families.

November09 028 Mr. Birthday boy digging in.  Hey, sleepy eyes, c'mon!

November09 029 Mmmmmmm.  I think he likes it! 



michael said...

yes he does. can't wait till u get home!

Rebecca said...

oh so cute are you guys!