Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Togetherness

Michael and I took our first road trip as a married couple and we not only survived, we thrived!  Wow, the caffeine is really working :)

No, for real, it was SOOOO nice.  I had been working so much and traveling so much leading up to the wedding that I was not a fan of hours upon hours spent in the car, but this time it really was VERY, VERY nice.  I love my husband.  And his family rocks.

We road tripped it down to North Carolina in celebration of Michael's birthday and his beautiful cousin Caitlin's 13th birthday!!

Thankfully, I found something to do with my camera other than take pictures of coffee.

November09 012 November09 011Brody is three years old and tons of fun!  He is sweet, and funny, and just the right level of energetic. And oh. so. cute!

Story to MELT your heart -  Sunday morning, Michael and I were laying in the bed and Brody came downstairs to say good morning to us.  He crawled in between us with his Gameboy and he was playing Super Mario Brothers (3, I think, Babe, correct me if that's wrong).  I helped him a bit, pushing the buttons to help his little Luigi jump into a tunnel.  Brody wanted Uncle Mike to help.  "You do it."  Michael, "I can't buddy, my fingers don't work."  Michael was really great at telling Brody what to do (Of course!)  Brody was cool with that for like a second and he asked Michael to do it again.  Michael told him again that he couldn't do it because his fingers don't work.  Then... stand by for your heart melting... Brody says to Michael, "I have tools."  Ohhhhhhh.  I wanted to CRY my eyes out!  A little bit later, when Jarred was down, Brody actually went and got his little plastic hammer and saw and went to work on Uncle Mike's hands.   I so wish Brody could fix those fingers.  That purity.  So beautiful!  Such a sweet boy.  Okay, it's over, check to make sure your heart is still beating, now that it's all melted and what not.

November09 013 Shout out to Tonja, Michael's aunt, faithful blog reader and fellow Diet Coke lover!

November09 017 Happy 13th birthday Caitlin!  Love those bangs!

November09 014 Yes, we had the waiters at Champp's sing.  Yay for birthday ice cream!!

November09 015 There was another birthday table across from us and this guy was wearing a jacket that said "Original Soulboy No. 1"  You know I had to get a picture of that!

November09 016 Look at that birthday boy, ain't he cute?  I just realized there were a lot of 3's going on.  Caitlin's 13.  Michael's 33.  Brody's 3 (it wasn't his birthday, but still).  And we had 3 bowls of ice cream.  Cheers!

November09 018 Oh! I just thought of another one - Baby Grey is 3 months old!  I look old and tired and wrinkly here but look at Greyson - he's such a sweet ball of rolley, poley babyness.  I loved holding him all weekend!




Tonja said...

Loved visiting with you! Thanks for blogging again. You know I am always stalking your blog. We love you guys!

Rebecca said...

what a special little man that brody is. he must love his uncle mike a lot!