Monday, November 23, 2009

Mish Mash

I spent all weekend feeling like crap.  Fever, exhaustion, the whole deal.  I had to push through it, though, because the laundry didn't understand it was supposed to wash itself and the house didn't understand it was supposed to clean itself and the food didn't understand it was supposed to cook itself.

It took me like 4 hours to clean my two bedroom apartment, but I did it.  And I made a grocery store run.  And I made Chicken & Dumplings.  And I made my first bread... homemade Pumpkin Bread! 

November09 038 This isn't a good pic... trust me, it was yummy. Ask hubs and everyone in my newsroom.

And I managed to get my husband up, dressed (pretty much, I won't lie, he spent two days in jammies being "supportive" :)), cleaned and fed.  And we made it to church and small group.  Thankfully I had some back rubs and help around the house and my favorite dog walker pitching in.  And we ate out for two meals on Sunday.

Remember how I was all bragging about my gorgeous mop boy?  After that post, Brokaw ate Michael's glove (I lost the other one like a year and a half ago on our way to a Kenny Chesney concert) which he uses to hold the mop.  I was like OH, GREAT, now I have to mop!! Hahaha... Yep, did that too.  Anyways... M ordered new gloves and they are even better than the old ones he had!! Yay.  You know, I grew up in a Family Business family, so I have to give a shout out to the woman who makes these gloves!  They are awesome, they look nice, work really well for pushing M's wheelchair, and here's to hoping that mop can slide under there in between his hand and the glove!! :)  I really hope my mop boy is back in action soon!

Now, for  Food Waste Friday (which was more like Sunday around our house, but whatev).  I've been wanting to actually take a picture of my food waste for months, but if you know me, you know how quick I am to put something in the trash can so I had to be quick with the camera.

November09 039 It's mashed sweet potatoes.  I had no idea that one sweet potato can apparently feed a village.

Today, I'll finally get to be back over at the White House, I've missed my basement dwelling days, but now that the Prez is back from Asia, I'm back in business! And, with any luck, my computer will be working, double yay!

Now, for a little more randomness...

If you love Puggles and you are open to the idea that there is another Puggle out there who is as cute (and way smarter) than Brokaw, check out this blog.

And if you want to see a great interview with some advice about how to handle your husband, which oddly feels like it's peeking into my own life, watch this.

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