Monday, May 21, 2007

When Harry met Dana, and Courtney, and Gretchen...

What can I say? We go together like a "Wink and a Smile."  This was, hands down, the highlight of the trip.  A highlight of my life, really.  So, we're going into Radio City Music Hall and Gretchen decides to harness the power of "The Secret."  She befriends a security guard and finds out which exit our esteemed crooner will be using to leave. "You didn't hear it from me but you take a right, then another right."  We found the door. Made friends with the roadies.  Watched them load up an 18 wheeler and a half.  Watched band members come out.  Waited. Waited. Waited.  The crowd at one point was up to about 50 fans.  Then "Scary Mary" the unisex security guard tried to tell everyone Harry was gone.  We knew it. We totally called her bluff. We stood strong.  Eventually, Gretchen's friend, the security guard came out and told us Harry was across the street.  Then Gretchen SERIOUSLY SKIPPED ACROSS THE STREET. Silently.  I was oblivious, of course.  By the time I saw Harry's hair and the words made it from my brain to my mouth, she was totally right up on him.  I didn't know where Courtney was, but I wasn't willing to take my gaze off of Harry.  I just hoped she was behind us.  There he was, in all his glory.  Tall. Thick, tossled hair. Jeans. Sportcoat. T-shirt. Tired. HOT AS EVER... EVEN HOTTER THAN I IMAGINED. He was kissing his wife, Jill Goodacre, the Victoria Secret Supermodel and his daughters goodnight, but that is so beside the point.  He saw us.  The freaks who had waited 3 hours for a glimpse.  He was exhausted, you could tell. We told him how great the concert was, how much we loved him.  Gretchen even managed to tell him her favorite part was when he was shaking his butt. (she was really speaking for all of us)  He signed our tickets and posed with us for pictures.  He was SO NICE.  You could tell he didn't want to get on that bus.  He wanted to hang out with us.  It's tough, I tell you, pleasing all these people! :)  I'm just kidding. But seriously, Harry was very gracious and I'm happy to report he's not one of those big-headed celebrities that you wish you'd never met.  I still think he is SO the man! Here is the documentation, in chronological order: Before meeting Harry, During, Paparazzi Angle, and After.  It was life-changing.  My life will now be divided in two parts. 1. Before meeting Harry Connick Jr. and 2. After meeting Harry Connick Jr.L_cc5cdf69c84c7159d9544301c33cac23 L_0763c9591e311820a14f89597dd485e1 L_7562da2a778fbca7599d62dffc203b24 L_05ec6b20a60fa52507a95ec2dd3ee994

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Sarah said...

You are very lucky... Harry does not usually pose for photos. Way to go! :)

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