Monday, May 21, 2007

Apple Blossom

So, in the spirit of getting this blog all caught up (Cue Usher song...) I have to share with you some pictures from my recent trip to Winchester, Virginia for the Apple Blossom Festival.  It was great to see Ann, and carry on our tradition of taking horrible pictures together.  We've been good friends for, what? 7 years? And we MAYBE have two good pictures together? That may even be a stretch.  One of us always goofs.

The Apple Blossom Festival was a blast.  Note to self: Next year, sport the festive pink and green! I ate so much in a 2 day period, just thinking about it now, I'm full. Funnel Cake. Cajun Wrap. Sweet Tea. Smoothie. Elephant Ear. Ice cream. Coffee. MMMMMMMMM. Yum-o!

The parade and the fireworks were so cute. There's just something so small town America about fireworks and parades with high school bands.  I love that stuff. Gets me all nostalgic. And I love that every city in America busts out the Lee Greenwood CD for the fireworks... I still go up on my tippy toes during that one line "and I'll stand UP next to you..." Ahhhhhh. It was great.

The people watching itself was worth the 3 hour drive. Now, you can people watch in a mall. Or in an airport. But nothing compares to people watching in a fair like environment.  Apparently everyone is a beauty queen at Apple Blossom. I will definitely be back.Img_2209_2 Img_2211_2 Img_2223_2 Img_2224_2 Img_2227 Img_2229 Img_2221 Img_2226

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