Monday, May 7, 2007

Friends, you know me.  I am never short on smiles and conversation, right? Yeah, well, it happened.  I had a total personality malfunction.  It's David Muir's fault.  He's too cute and smart. Can't handle it. When he was done reading his news segment on GMA, he totally made a B-line for us.  I had my hands *in my pockets* -- what in the world? I am not a hands in pockets person.  There's nothing in there. No change to jingle.  They're not even big enough for hands, really.  Anyway, he comes over to talk to us and during the entire conversation I managed to say only two words. "Pittsburgh" and "Pennsylvania."  Only the first word was appropriate at the time.  He's all "so you're from one of our affiliates." Me, with my hands in my pockets, lunging forward a la Mary Katherine Gallagher: "Pittsburgh."  And the real tragedy is I had all of this intelligent, invigorating conversation planned about people I know that he knows, etc.  Then I said at one point "Pennsylvania." For no apparent reason.  My hands were stuck in my pockets. It was like a nightmare.  Total malfunction.  It was so bad Courtney and Gretchen were like, "What was that?" Naturally, I tried to act like it wasn't that bad.  True friends, they were like, "Yeah... it was."Img_2076    Fast forward about an hour and a half... I totally made a comeback.  I stopped him on his way off the set and asked for a picture.  He said he "had to go" but he must have been captivated by me, perhaps it was the mysteriousness I created with my malfunction... I don't know.  All I know is he totally waited while we were talking to Robin Roberts to take that picture.  My wit and charm had arrived.  I joked him for crouching down in the picture, about the paparazzi... he was so into me by the end. :) Not really, but I did feel like the comeback kid.


Courtney said...

haha...Mary Katherine Gallagher. It was so true.

Gretchen said...

AHAAHAHAHA...this is all too true. He did make the B-line too. He was waiting and I know he would have asked for your number, if he didn't think you lived in a home for "special" adults with Courtney and I(note to other blog readers we tend to act socially stupid when all together).