Monday, May 21, 2007

Looking Ahead

I am always looking forward to something.  Right now, there are three things in particular.  All coming up in June.  That Chick-Fil-A I was writing about a couple of weeks ago? It's coming along.  The signage is up.  They're hiring.  Grand Opening can't be far off!  Also coming up in June... Ann and Emily are coming up to Pittsburgh to see Kenny Chesney at Heinz Field with me!  I hope to use my newly honed stalker skills to get a pic with him (even though I know he's going to make me look fat, maybe we'll be able to get him on the end).  Later in June, my nephew, Jorden, is graduating from high school and I'm driving down to Virginia to celebrate. "Back where I come from...."  Right now I'm wondering to myself: 3 weeks out from Kenny, I'm thinking it's a little too early to switch over all 6 cds in my car, what do you think?

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Dawn said...

Rock on with Kenny! Back where I come from is corn bread, chicken, and a lot of front porch sittin'! And yeah, I think his tractor's sexy!!!!!!! =)
I went to the concert last year- totally rocked! But, I have to admit, I was more into Gretchen Wilson and Keith Urban. If I had the $, I'd be there again this year since he's there with B&D! One of my two top country duos- other is Big-N-Rich. Now they know how to party at a concert!!! =)