Thursday, May 24, 2007

Every week I have this thing with Thursday.  Every time it's Thursday, I feel like it's Friday.  I'm guessing this is because by the time Thursday rolls around, I have already worked my 40 hours.  Yeah... that New Year's resolution I had to work less... isn't really working out.  I am doing pretty good on my resolution to travel and do a better job of keeping in touch with people, however, so I guess I'm doing okay as we approach the resolution check-up mark.Andrewandcrew1795592

The May ratings period is over!! Woo hoo! I am happy that it's over and I'm happy with how our our team did. WE WON! Channel 4 Action News This Morning is the #1 morning newscast in Pittsburgh and I could not be more proud to be a part of this team.  We have such a great crew, on the air and off the air.  Everyone works so hard on so little sleep and manages to smile on a daily basis. I am truly blessed to have a job that I love and to get to work with people who I respect and really enjoy.  I'm stealing a picture from Andrew's blog (this is just a fraction of the people it takes to pull the show off), and I'll link you there so you can read his take on it:

070523_view_flap_2So... they can't say that at The View, huh? Ouch. Rosie vs. Elisabeth.  I am so non-confrontational, I was squirming just watching them spat.  Yikes! There's no denying it though... that was compelling television.  I love how Matt Lauer and I are always on the same page - thanks to Robin for pointing out to me what Matt said this morning "it was the last day of sweeps... I'm just saying..." Matt, you read my mind.

In other news... Brokaw is in trouble.  I tell you, it's a good thing he's adorable, because he has been a very bad boy lately.  What is it with the really, really cute boys? It's like they just know they can get away with anything.  Last summer, he chewed a piece off of a Steve Madden shoe. It was still wearable, chewed and all. Yeah... this week, while I was sleeping, he got a hold of that shoe again, and finished it off.  Now, unless I break a leg or something and only need the left Steve Madden, my black sandals are done.  Thanks Brokaw. Thanks a lot.Img_2304


Gretchen said...

That pic is funny. I hope you would go Rosie on me if you disagree with me.

Gretchen said...

WTH? Has my blog been eliminated?

Gretchen said...

You so just added that back... I am on to you Dana.....I will get you back for this.......just you wait.It is ON!
P.S. What weekend are you going to be out of town? We are thinking grad party June 10th?