Monday, May 21, 2007

As promised:

The hunt for the black market bag.  One of the things you definitely should put on your NY to do list is getting a counterfeit designer handbag.  Just pop out of the subway in Chinatown on Canal Street and listen.  When you hear "Coach?" being asked as a question.  Follow that guy.  That's what we did. We snaked through Chinatown, sometimes unnecessarily criss-crossing streets.  I think we ended up in a fake travel agency that had a really cloudy fish tank.  We went down a sketchy hallway a la something you'd see on Dateline.  Through a curtain in a doorway and voila! Fake Coach and Louie and Kate bags from the floor to the ceiling.  Courtney was our source.  She told us how real things looked.  Helped us haggle. We totally scored.Img_2092 Img_2094 Img_2257 Here we are a)on the approach ; b)on the descent ; and c)the goods nestled in my closet

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