Monday, May 21, 2007

I am no longer past due

Okay... I think that just about does it.  Now I feel like I can blog without abandon.  I am all caught up.  All of this traveling has been so much fun!  I'm looking forward to more soon. And you should look forward to the pictures... and forward... and forward... since apparently I can't do anything without a deadline. 

Today I finished "Blue Like Jazz." Get it! Read it. Dwell.  I want to have lunch with Donald Miller and talk about Penny and Tony the Beat Poet and Lonliness and Love.  We could eat in the woods, whatever.  I get this guy's random, jumbly way of thinking.  I think he's so right on, and "Blue Like Jazz" seems in some ways to be written from the inside of my head and the spiritual wrangling I have gone through in recent years... life, post the Liberty bubble.

New_pics_1048Speaking of the Liberty bubble... last Tuesday, I was shocked to hear that Jerry Falwell died. Yeah, everyone dies. But not everyone dies right there, in their office, at their desk.  I guess it's a pretty good way to go if you think about it. Get up. Have breakfast. Go to work, doing what you love, go home to the Lord.  Not bad.  I wonder if Jerry knew it was coming. If he felt something, had a tiny conversation with Jesus, then met him.  I don't know.  I was surprised this week about the responses I heard from people.  They were all out of love and compassion.  People I thought didn't like Jerry Falwell, saying really nice things about him. Love him or hate him, he was a "polarizing figure" as I have heard way too many times in the media over the past 6 days.  It's cliche', but it's true.  I kind of feel bad now for distancing myself from Jerry.  In my professional environment, I always worried that people would judge me for being a Liberty graduate.  Worried that people would think I was some overzealous, crazy, conservative fundamentalist.  I don't want that. I just want to be a lover of people.  Truth be told, Jerry was that, a lover of people.  Even Larry Flynt had nice things to say the other day on Larry King Live.

Jerry Falwell was a good man.  He did great things. Much more than making fun of Tinky Winky.  I am not in the bubble anymore, but I don't hate the bubble, I get the bubble.  The bubble has it's place. And hey, if it weren't for the bubble - I wouldn't be me now. And you know what? I guess I am a Jerry's kid. So, Thanks Jer-Bear.

I would be remiss if I didn't admit I'm mourning the loss of something else right now, Gilmore Girls.  What WILL I do next Wednesday morning? (I live life on a tape delay)  Final thoughts: I'm happy.  I like to think that Lorelai is having coffee in Luke's from now to the end of time.  And I'm jealous that Rory is covering the Barack Obama campaign.  Me, jealous of Rory, what else is new?  I'd like to have lunch with those two too.Girls650   

In my missing Lauren Grahamness this weekend, I rented "Because I Said So." I read on Christin's blog (, which I have total blog envy for... that she didn't like it.  Well, I did.  I don't see many movies though.  I don't have very high standards.  If you have a cute love story and a cute guy, I'm in.  I could have done without Mandy Moore singing, but I thought it was pretty cute.

Okay, seriously, I'm glad this blog is no longer a delinquent account. Up to date? check.

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christin said...

finally. as usual you update and I haven't checked in awhile because I figured you'd STOPPED updating -and I come back to 167 posts that I have to read.
i choose to start my comments on this one because I love our dear Lorelais and I miss them already. it was awful this week not to have them on. i just feel tragic.
I did not like the movie, mostly because I love Diane Keaton and this script made her look like an imbucile. LG & and even Piper did a great job with their little piddly roles, and Mandy - i had high hopes for, but she is just not a leading lady. she's supporting at best, and it's better when she's a bitch! :) (see: SAVED)
but it is fluffy nonsense and it made me feel somewhat good, cuddle in my nowheresville Massachusetts hotel room! :) I hope it did the same for you.
now to read your other posts...
(blog envy? for moi?!?!?!? i'm so flattered...)