Wednesday, May 23, 2007

23ston190Okay, so I just read in the New York Times that Stone Phillips is leaving NBC News when his contract expires. Sadness abounds. I had a crush on Stone when I was in middle school.  And I think he's the first guy I EVER had a voice crush on. Sigh. I'll miss you Stone.

I also read that female sharks can make themselves pregnant. That is interesting, yet very disturbing, however, it seems like a great idea.

Other thoughts this morning... You know that Bob Greene guy on Oprah with his Best Life Diet? I just don't trust that guy. You can't trust a white guy that has a box.

On Wall Street... Target is expected to announce profits are up 7% over last quarter. I totally did my part, did you?

There's a book signing in Pittsburgh tonight for a guy who wrote a book about how he traveled to all 50 states and washed dishes.  Proof that we will all, one day, get a book deal.

Marcie just brought me free STBX.  Love her! 

I'm having a good day already... and when I leave work I'm going to do something that I RARELY do... return a DVD on time.


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