Sew…. what’s new?

Did you even know that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to learn to sew? Don’t ask me why. I really never set out to be the little Betty Crocker/Donna Reed happy homemaker I appear to be turning into, I swear! I never really learned to sew. I mean, I took a “Home Ec” class in 7th grade and we technically had to sew a pillow from a pattern… but I think I kind of had someone else sew mine for me or something… because I have no recollection of anything to do with sewing. I do remember that the only part of the pillow (which was a cupcake!) that I was supposed to do was to sew up the bottom after putting the stuffing in. And I do remember that I never did it! I held that open part in my hand as I showed my project to my teacher! What a little slacker, right? Haha… so classic Dana. I probably got like a B. So me!

Anyway… I really, really want to learn to sew so I can have fun being creative and you know, creating things. A friend gave me a sewing machine earlier this year, but here we are, June, and I finally busted it out.
This sucker is an antique! It got some serious miles put on it making clothes, drapes, etc. back in the 60s! But…. upon advice I received from the, very well informed I do believe, women at Jo-Ann Fabrics… I ended up buying the equivalent of an Easy-Bake Oven of sewing machines. It’s seriously a little, tiny sewing machine for kids! I brought that sucker home over the weekend and threaded it and made my very first sewing project, a coaster! Check it out!
I was so proud!! I have dreams of making lots and lots of stuff, so stay tuned… and Etsy, you better watch out!

2 thoughts on “Sew…. what’s new?

  1. Hi Dana. I’m so far behind reading your posts! Don’t even know if you get alerts if someone posts a comment on an old one??? But I wanted to congratulate you on your sewing endeavors! It’s a forgotten art, believe me, but one that offers SUCH a creative outlet. I’ve sewn for years – I learned in 7th grade too but it stuck with me! Lately I’ve been itching to make some classy kitchen aprons! I’ll let you know if I actually MAKE one. LOL

    Be sure to let us know about your projects! Wish we could visit JoAnn’s together! Heaven!

  2. Diane, I wish we could too. I would love to soak in your wisdom! I haven’t been able to touch the sewing machine any more since this last post, but I am dreaming of a couple of projects!

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