Friday, June 4, 2010

Changing Seasons

One of the best things about May, in my opinion, is you finally get those flip flop days back! I love the feeling of the sun hitting my skin, don't you? I also love switching out the clothes in my closet. Each year, I'm SOOOO ready to do it. It's like having a reunion with old friends, those summer clothes you haven't seen in months! I personally like summer clothes way more than winter clothes, so this switch is much more fun for me than the other one that comes around October.

This year, it was more fun than normal because more of my summer clothes actually fit me because I lost weight over the Fall/Winter. Score! :) I helped Michael switch his closet over, too, and convinced him to get rid of some stuff. What is it with guys and holding on to clothes? I have seen friends who have had to intervene for their husbands. I had to do it too. Thankfully, he let some stuff go willingly. I was satisfied with the progress, and the trip to Goodwill!
My new spring/summer closet! It is actually much more organized than it appears here! It's when I look at these pictures of our closets that I know in my heart that we'd never make it in a one bedroom apartment, no matter how much I'd like to do it to save $$.
It's nice to have boy clothes in the house!! :) Even if they do hang under antlers. :) Yes, I make my husband hang his antlers in the closet! I'm all about decorating the closets! Plus... we don't have time for a "man cave" just yet, so that's where they live.... for now. I think they like it in there!
I came across a box of stuff from the wedding in my closet. I took it out and had a good time remembering that perfect day, now almost 9 months ago!! Crazy. There's still sand in my wedding shoes. Love that!
Brokaw was kind enough to keep my Fall/Winter wardrobe warm before it went into the giant box for storage.
Meanwhile, Princess helped Michael vaccum in the living room...
I saw a story this week about how marriages where the husband helps out around the house, are stronger. Makes sense! Love that my guy does so much around the house!!

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