Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why a "Love Like This"?

The title of our blog is the name of "our song," which is "Love Like This" by Natasha Bedingfield.
How it became our song: In February of 2008, I was visiting Michael in Texas for Valentine's Day (woot, woot). We had been officially a couple for just a few months, since November, 2007. I doubt he will remember these details, but that's my job as the woman, anyway, right? Michael was nursing a pressure sore at the time, so he had to spend more time in bed than usual. This was new to me, I was just starting to learn about these things! I had just recently gotten my Macbook, and brought it along for the trip to show to my computer loving boyfriend.

We spent Valentine's morning playing with the computer. We ended up on YouTube and watched the video for "Love Like This, " and decided right then and there that that would be our song!

It was months later that we were driving in the car together and Michael said something about the line "I sit here in this chair and I wish for you not to leave me now..."

I rolled my eyes and smiled. Of course he would pick up on that. It made me love "our song" even more. I listen to it all the time!

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Jh- said...

Also love the line
"And now they see we rollin', me and you, we strollin'"