Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why It's Our Song

Dana wrote about "Love Like This" being our song. She is right that I am horrible with details, but I do remember when she showed me this song and I thought, Yeah. This is ours. I loved the reggae and the fun of it all. Dana was special and I thought that really caught how I felt.
Looking back I see how we are more in love. We say that all of the time. This love grew over a long time. Even before we met we knew each other from years of emails. I already knew about this gal and how much we had in common. We were falling in love and it was special.
We are blessed to have a love like this because we waited so long for God to bring somebody right along. Day to day I see how special this love is. We miss each other when we're apart and have a way of making things better just being together.

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