Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas to Us!!

Michael and I are heading down to North Carolina for Christmas.  Looking forward to seeing family, but dreading the 10 hour drive (to and fro).  We've already given our gifts to each other.  And that's all we're doing this year.  Money is suuuuper tight (you feel me, right?) so we're not able to give gifts to all of our family members and friends.  It kind of sucks.  But, we did agree to spend a small amount on one another.

Here's my prize:

DSC_0065 It's a super awesome BIG crock pot!  It's digital... and it even came with a little baby!  Last weekend, I used this sucker to make about 50,000 meatballs and it did an excellent job!  Love that oval shape!  And I used the little dipper (haha, solar system) to make spinach dip.  Oh, it was amazing!  M and I heard a message from Pastor Joel about "giving a to someone's potential" when giving gifts this year.  This was the perfect gift for me because it gives to the potential that I can multitask!  If I could have one wish.. it would be that I could be in two places at once!  Imagine the possibilities! Obviously, M can't make that come true... but he can help me cook and work at the same time.  Love you, Crock Pot!

DSC_0064 And, here is Michael's shiny new Christmas present!  Did I hit the husband jackpot, or what, folks?  He actually wanted a toaster oven!!  I asked and double asked again to make sure it wasn't some tricky way to get me two presents.  But he says this will allow him to cook more!  Let's hope that's right!  Real estate on our counter top is going away quickly!  It's starting to feel a little cramped, but hopefully it will all be worth it.  This sucker is a toaster oven, a convection oven, and a rotisserie!
 And last night, we opened our presents (us and the pets) from My Mom and Dave.  Check 'em out:

IMG_4961 Youngest first... Brokaw opened up his own present!

DSC_0011 It's a cute leash that has "naughty" and "nice" written on it.  It should just say NAUGHTY, but whatever. Haha.

IMG_4963 Princess scored a cute little Life is good peppermint ball. (Or Brokaw did, really, we all realize everything is virtually his.)  He was already playing with P's ball today, ugh!

DSC_0004 My favorite gift of all is this ornament with an "R" on it of course!!  It's perfect!! And I hung it as high as I could on our little Christmas tree to protect it from the beast.

Thanks for everything, Mom!  (I'll try to get a pic of Katy with her little mice before Brokaw destroys those)  Merry Christmas, everyone!



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