Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Okay, so here goes...

Hello! And welcome to our new blog! We are launching quite the project for 2010. People are always telling us how inspirational we are and that we should write a book.

This blog is obviously a long way from publishing a book... but we're committing ourselves to documenting our lives over this year. Day in, day out. You'll see us as we are. I (Dana) am kind of a private person, (believe it or not!) so honestly, opening up to the world like this makes me a little nervous. *I better not come out looking like Kate Gosselin!

But... if I zoom out and see our love for what it is, it does inspire even me. I write and tell stories for a living, so I'm qualified, however partial, to say that we do have an incredible story.

It's crazy to live it. It'll be fun to tell it. Jump on board and follow us this year! We're armed with our computers, two flip video cameras and our sparkling new Nikon D3000!! (I'm falling in love all over again!)

We're going to cover it all. Marriage. Work. Ministry. Managing our household. Meet our families and our three pets. We're committed to journaling, shooting and editing and sharing it all. Our prayer is that someone, even us, will benefit from and be blessed by this project.

If nothing else.. it'll be a heck of a scrapbook!

Here we go!


LaDonna said...

I cannot wait! And, by the way, when the book DOES come out, I want an autographed copy!

Unknown said...

really looking forward to keeping up w/ your blog! You all are an amazing couple...w/ an amazing story. I would love to hear it from the very beginning. How and where did you all meet? Happy Blogging!