Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Contentment & The Christmas Tree

Let's start this one with the definition.

Contentment is the experience of satisfaction and being at ease in one's situation.

Now, a truth and a confession.  Truth: My Michael is the picture of contentment.  He is almost always satisfied and at ease.  It takes very little to make him happy.  And I mean really happy, not just "dealing with it." Confession: I, however, can't ever seem to get enough.  Fill in the blank.  I always want more, better, bigger, faster, you name it.  Always trying to up it a notch, ya know?

This is one major way that I really hope my  husband rubs off on me.

Case in point:  Our Christmas tree.

November09 102 The husband and I were out on a much needed date night at Chili's.  The topic of the tree came up.  We were discussing where we would put it.  You know, near the back door, or what.  Then he said "how about on top of that red trunk?"  I kind of chuckled,why would you put a Christmas tree ON TOP of anything?  Then, he told me it was like 4 feet tall!!!

My heart sank.  I practically started googling Christmas trees right there at the dinner table.  We both got rid of a bunch of stuff right before we got married because we thought we'd be squeezing into a tiny one bedroom apartment.  We ended up getting a two bedroom, and have more room than we anticipated, and that has been nice!  Sidetracking, sorry...

When Michael moved in, his Christmas tree box appeared to be the same size as the box my beautiful, 6.5 foot Martha Stewart Christmas tree lived in, that I GAVE AWAY, hello!  I had actually seen this 4 footer at M's apartment last year, but I must not have realized it was elevated or obviously, Miss Christmas would not have agreed to such arrangement.

So... we got home after Thanksgiving... busted the Christmas Bush out.  I was fighting a bad mood as we put it up... tried it in several different spots in the living room, lit it, and decorated it.

In the end... I was... content.  Pretty much.  I certainly could not justify spending full price on a new artificial tree right before Christmas!  And I didn't want to bother a friend to help me get a real tree in... and eventually out of our apartment.  Can you see yours truly strapping a tree on top of my SUV? Ha.  Neither can I!

The next day, M looked at our tree, hugged me closely and said something about how beautiful it was.  I was like, look buddy, I'm dealing with this... I wouldn't call it beautiful... don't push it!

But, as I've come in and out of the apartment to and from work and what not every day.... as I've turned the lights on the Christmas tree on and off, and as I've dusted underneath it, on top of that red trunk... I have moved past "dealing with it" and am now at full blown contentment!

Oh, Christmas Tree  -- with your little self -- I do love you.  I love where you came from and what you taught me and thank you for giving us a sweet First Married Christmas story.

December09 022
Here she is, in all her glory.  How about that star, eh?  Nothing like a full size star on top of a tiny tree.  It's funny.  But I love it.  I love it all.

December09 019 We started a tradition of getting an ornament each year.  This is our first one, an adorable silver heart that we got at the National Archives gift shop.  It's perfect.

December09 020 We took this self portrait after we hung our ornament.  Our love is ridiculous.  It inspires even me, when I take a moment, step back and see it for what it really is.  Awwww.  Cheese.

And yes, my husband is wearing a beanie, inside.  He's always cold, I'm almost always warm, and well, he's more content wearing a hat than I would be sweating. :) 

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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