Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Blog Addiction

I don't have much for you today, people.  Sorry.  It's Wednesday, eh em, "Friday," and I'm heading home to the 757(ish) for like 3 Thanksgiving dinners.  (Welcome to MY family!)  I plan on having some pumpkin pie before I leave work today.

I want to pass along the latest blog I've added to my "check daily" tab.  It's the best thing I've discovered since "Brazen Careerist."

Genius!  It's "I Will Teach You to be Rich."  Full of super tips for saving money!  And it's snarky, I like that in a blog.

A lot of it is rather simple, yet ambitious for someone like me who is just horrible with money.  I'm liking it!  And I'm TRYING to pull it together.  This economy is really starting to freak me out - and I have this little "Big Day" event coming up in, oh, I don't know, 10 months or so, that I need to budget for.

Speaking of "Big Day" stuff... I'm pumped because when I go home this weekend, Mom, Granny and I are going to look at possible places!  I'm really hoping to get this thing nailed down!

Since I don't have any pictures or videos to share with you - and because the infamous proposal story is now off the first page (waaa!) here you go, a special treat:

My awesomely gorgeous, incredibly smart and thoughtful, lest I not forget hilarious fiance:


This picture made my night!  Stacia put it up on her Facebook and when I was checking randomly overnight, I saw it.

When your day to day life keeps you about 1,200 miles apart - little things like new pictures - go a long way.

I hope he doesn't mind me putting this funny pic of him up!

Babe - muah!  I hope you know how THANKFUL I am for you!

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cindy floyd said...

Well, ain't he just precious?