Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Today my middle nephew, Colby, is 16 years old!

He will be driving a truck soon.

That's crazy!  I remember when he was born.  I was in middle school.  I went to see him when he was a wee little baby.  The first time I saw him, he was in a swing.  I couldn't believe he had BROWN HAIR!

He is such a handsome fella now.  And courteous and athletic, too!


Happy Birhtday, Colbster.  I love you.



Thanks to all of you who read and commented on Steel Magnolias.  How fun!  And you youngsters who haven't seen it - rent it.  Now.  It's fab.

I'm trying to get into the whole blog every day thing... I don't know... the problem is, when I do that, you get this randomness.  You like?  I feel like I like that when I read other people's blogs - but I feel like my own randomness is... weird.

For example, here is my musing for today:

Real Simple.  I LOVE this magazine.  I have tried stopping my subscription several times, but like highlighting my hair - I always go back.  I just got my new one.  Can't wait to dive in.  I see lots of Red and Baby Blue, which I think are the perfect Christmas colors.  I'm starting to think about being open to the idea of the Holidays approaching.  That whole "summer is over" denial thing is starting to wear off.  I wore an actual coat to work today!  And I saw a local news reporter doing a "they're getting ready for snow!" live shot.  Goodness.

The first thing I have to do is tear out all of the annoying stuff from the magazine.  You know, the 47 cards trying to get you to subscribe (um, hello? already do.  thanks.) or trying to get you to send someone else a subscription.  Those get thrown out.  And anything else that is made of that cardstock.  I hate that stuff.  Keeps me from flipping happily through my magazine,  ya know?

So, I'm looking forward to gutting it, reading it, and most of all - trying new recipes!  Confession:  I keep my Real Simple magazines.  How very not "Real Simple" of me!





christin said...

Ok - first off, randomness on blogs is what makes them entertaining. to me. I don't need a whole thesis on a subject, I just need random fun thoughts. that's what compels people to comment, I think!
second, I haven't seen Steel Magnolias. do you still like me?
third - Real Simple, well, you know how I feel about it. and have felt, for quite some time. NEVER stop your subscription; that magazine is gold. I save all my issues too. I can't bear to throw them out! Come on. that's wasteful. Real Simple has lasting appeal. I can read one from 2002 (and I still have them!) and everything is still applicable.
what you'll also love is that they have Real Simple blogs now...here's the link:
Enjoy! don't hate me for giving you another addiction. :)

cindy floyd said...

the more I read your blog, I realize how much you are like Carrie, which is why I want my own blog. You need to get on this!!