Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Alive and Well


It changes everything, right?  I struggle with perspective.  Because just when I think I get it, I say or do something that clearly indicates that I don't get it at all. 

I have this song on repeat and I love it so much.  First of all, it's Kenny (hello!).  And Dave Matthews doesn't hurt.  But I really like the lyrics and the message here:

So damn easy to say that life’s so hard
Everybody’s got their share of battle scars
As for me I’d like to think my lucky stars that
I’m alive, and well

It’d be easy to add up all the pain
And all the dreams you set and watch go up in flames
Dwell on the wreckage as it smolders in the rain
But not me, I’m alive

And today you know that’s good enough for me
Breathing in and out is a blessing can’t you see
Today is the first day of the rest of my life
And I’m alive, and well
I’m alive, and well

Stars are dancin’ on the water here tonight
It’s good for the soul, and there’s not a sole in sight
But this motors caught it wind and brought me back to life
Now I’m alive, and well

And today you know that’s good enough for me
Breathing in and out is a blessing can’t you see
Today is the first day of the rest of my life
Now I’m alive, and well
Yeah I’m alive, and well

In other news... I received a notice from my apartment building management that I am apparently not allowed to sublet my apartment out for Barack Obama's inauguration.  Darn it!  Actually, I wasn't planning on doing that anyway.  Although, I don't see how I'm going to be able to get home from work that day.  They're expecting 4 million people to be in DC.  I'm thinking that may be a challenging commute...

One more thing I'd like to mention - Hugh Jackman - Sexiest Man Alive?  Now, I must admit, he's awesomely sexy, but I repeat - again - there is no reason Matthew  McConaughey should ever be de-throned from that title.  I think they should make a couple of things like Supreme Court Justice Terms. You know - until death.  Kenny Chesney should always be Entertainer of the Year.  Matthew McConaughey should always be Sexiest Man Alive.  That's all I'm sayin'.


Tonja said...

I agree about Matthew! Woo Hoo! Robby jokes that Matthew would be the one man I would leave him for. He is sooooo cute...I'm just saying!

christin said...

I was totally surprised at Hugh's achievement too. I mean yes, he's sexy, but I'm shocked he won the title. I would've thought Daniel Craig this year, or even my baby - Christian Bale???? Guess they're not as universally sexy? Matthew is always in style.
If I were you, I just wouldn't go home on Inauguration Day!!!!

cindy floyd said...

How are they going to know if you sublet? I say get as many in there as you can. I hope they like dogs and cats! Ha, they would never see Katie!! make a buck or two!! Just kidding...not

Broke-Ass Bride said...

Hey girl! I couldn't get into your wedding blog so I stalked you here :) Just wanted to say, from one Dana to another, congrats! Oh, and my brother's name is Michael. Funny.

Tracy said...

This is my fav song too!!!! I love Kenny. I do listened to I'm alive over and over and over! Sorta puts things in perspective. I've got to go listen to it right now! I love ya.