Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Purple Tuesday

Guess I never made it back here yesterday, sorry about that.  I got out of work early, which was super.  And I went home and paid bills, which sucked.  :(

Am I the only one who thinks "cereal" every time I hear "credit crunch"?

Today I'm having a 1/2 good  hair day.  Not the kind where your hair looks good half of the day, but the kind in which literally half of my hair looks good.  Left side - good.  Nice part, good volume, all going in the same direction.  Right side - hmmm... maybe it's artsy?  I don't know.

It's okay, though because there are little things to be thankful for today.  For instance:

OctNov08 054 

Someone left this magazine at the mailbox area in my apartment building.  Sans address label which means it was totally up for adoption!

So, I grabbed it.  And I loved the article Kenny wrote!  Yes, I said Kenny wrote.  Tracy, this is for you!

OctNov08 053 

Another random, little thing I'm happy for today is 100 calorie packs.  I have loved these since the early days in 2005 when I was on Weight Watchers and the jokes of oreos were awesome to me.

These two are my current favorites.  I eat them back to back.  Salty, then sweet.  Yum.

Now, finally... I get to the part of this post that lives up to the title. (I hate titles - too much pressure - but it looks stupid when my blogs are imported into Facebook and they don't have titles, so whatev.)

OctNov08 055

I am thankful for my purple fuzzy socks.  I love this kind of socks (for socks). 

I started getting them for Christmas a few years ago, and I usually get a couple more pair each year.  They are so cozy and comfortable! 

They look kind of pink in this picture, but trust me, they're really purple.  And yes, I'm walking around in my socks at work.  That's just how I roll.

I only wear shoes long enough to get to my desk, then I take them off - and don't put them back on until it's time for the "dayside" people to arrive.  It'll be our little secret, mmkay?

Now - more purple:

OctNov08 056I used my purple pen to trace over the coffee cups on this cup.  I'm quite proud of my little work of art!

These cups always make me remember back when I was working at WSLS in Roanoke and I would stop by Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea on my way to work, and they had these cups.

I would drink my latte - then spend the back half of the morning meeting coloring in the coffee cups!  (and listening and pitching awesome story ideas, too, of course!)

Also - since I never got around to it yesterday, a big THANK YOU from Brokaw to Ben & Cris - for sending him two little rawhide bones.  He loves these!  And so do the books on my bottom bookshelves. Shout out for such a nice surprise!

I got him to do a couple of tricks to say THANK YOU:

And then, we had a little more fun: 

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