Monday, December 1, 2008


I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for.  My God, my family, my fiance (I'm torn, is that one e or two?), my friends, my health, my job, my safety, my home, my car, my pets.  I could seriously go on FOREVER.  I am truly, truly thankful.

I wish I would have taken more pictures than I did this year, but I just wasn't in picture-snapping mode, oh well - here's some of what I do have:

OctNov08 087 

I forgot to mention that I'm thankful gas prices are going down.

I filled my SUV up for 20 bucks, can't beat that!!

OctNov08 089 

I'm also thankful for the water!  It is so true what they say, "There's NO PLACE LIKE HOME."

I feel so "at home" right by the water!

OctNov08 063 

My sister's husband, Jimmy, is seriously one of the best cooks around.

Hands down.

This man can bring it!  He did a fabulous job, yet again!

He needs a stand mixer, but I don't think he wants one as bad as I DO!

OctNov08 069 

I had a lot of good, quality nephew time.  I really enjoyed playing Legos with Brayden.

He is so cute and sweet and funny, I just can't get enough!

OctNov08 077 

This was my creation.  Brayden said it was "decent."

I think it's pretty awesome for someone who hasn't touched Legos in like 20 years, what do you think?

P. S. They are way cooler now than they were when we were kids!

OctNov08 080 

We even had fun cleaning up!

OctNov08 076

My older nephews, JT & Colby, schooled me in Guitar Hero.

I am terrible at it!

Jorden was awesome!

OctNov08 062 

It just kills me how grown up they are!

I was talking to them about the economy and politics!  Whoa.

OctNov08 081 

Here we have my sister showing off the "Redneck Windchime" my dad made with his new power tool.

Ain't it cute?!

OctNov08 083 

I think it's really cute how he's being all crafty.

OctNov08 079

The thing that I will remember about this Thanksgiving was how my brother wasn't there.  :(

He left a couple of days later for Iraq, so he called us on Thanksgiving to talk to everyone.

He pretty much left a trail of tears.   Please keep Chris in your prayers.  And while you're throwing that one up, please throw up a prayer for my mom, Cindy, too.

Now, bring on CHRISTMAS!!


cindy floyd said...

Why are there no pics of your mom? She had on a really cute shirt.

Courtney said...

Sounds like you had an awesome Thanksgiving! Totally keeping your brother and family in prayer while he is on tour. Please keep us posted. Isn't it an awesome thing that the same God we love and pray to from here in the States is watching over and present with your brother and his troop in Iraq? God rocks! ;) Praying!

susan deshazo said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite too! Hope everything is going well with the wedding planning.
By the way, he is your fiancé. You are his fiancée. There's 5 years of French right there!