Monday, December 8, 2008

This will be PERFECT

I was debating about whether I wanted to share tons of wedding stuff on the blog or not.. I'm still kind of debating about how much I'll go into details... but I do want to share this little tidbit because I'm just SO EXCITED about it!

We found THE PLACE.

It's starting to feel so much more REAL.  And I couldn't be happier.

We're going to have our ceremony here, on this beautiful deck overlooking the awesome Atlantic Ocean.  The sun.  The breeze.  Flip flops.  YES!

My DREAM beach wedding, wahoo!!

Then, we'll party down inside the restaurant.  It's complete with everything we need - including a DANCE FLOOR.

Oh yeah.  Imagine this all decked out with linens, paper lanterns, etc.... I'm STOKED.

The date is officially September 6th.
So, that's 9-6-9!! (should be pretty easy to remember, right?)

I feel so thankful that we get to get married in such a beautiful place.  I know it will be a special, memorable day, unique to us... and I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm just getting started, really, with most of the wedding planning stuff.  I feel A LOT better now that we have the date and the place nailed down.  Next big project to tackle - the DRESS.

I keep thinking of "Father of the Bride," and the fabulous "Frank..."  LOVE HIM!  For your viewing pleasures:


Courtney said...

LOL Love it!!!! Although, I have to say, you are so beating me to the beach-dream-wedding thing. :) How fun! It's going to be beautiful - so excited for you!

kristen said...

anytime mom & i would get on the phone to discuss wedding stuff, my dad would give a big cranky sigh and hang up! i'm sure she kept him outta the loop on how much most stuff cost. however, when we went to try on dresses, we took him along and when i put the first one on, he that's the one i picked :)