Sunday, December 7, 2008

I need to catch up!

I know, I know... I fell off the blogging train.  I had a busy week!  And like I've said before... it's kind of like skipping school... the more days you miss.. the harder it is to come back!

Maybe later today I'll have time to post pictures from the annual White House Christmas media preview, that was FUN.  And pictures of the adorable baby Gracyn, whom I met at Gretchen's birthday extravaganza this weekend.  She makes a really cute glow worm!

Brokaw had a scary incident this weekend... not sure if you want to see pictures of that or not!

I also have a MAJOR wedding update I don't think I ever posted... and I know you're dying to see my Christmas decorations.  My poor Christmas tree.  It's only been put up in the same place two years in a row... once.

I hate winter, okay?  It needs to go away.  My hands are so dry they are literally splitting open.  I have a bandaid on my thumb and it's making typing on my blackberry... well, interesting.  More typos than usual!  And, it's really cold in the office, so I'm sporting my scarf and my long black wool coat... at my desk!

I'm wearing green socks today that have Santa heads on them and they say HO, HO, HO.  I feel festive.  I don't know why I always feel so compelled to share what's going on with my feet. HA!

Be back later, I hope...

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