Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, Baby!

I am just back from seeing a special little man.  Roland IV.  Sounds like a king, right?  He pretty much is royalty as far as I'm concerned.  It blew my mind to see Courtney (who part of me still pictures as a 15 year old girl in a 17th street sweatshirt) as a mom.  But it was awesome!  I'm so proud of this new little family!

Summer08 334 

Courtney and Baby Ro.

Summer08 335 

The peanut handoff.

Summer08 336

Auntie Gretchen falling in love with the latest model of Gehweiler.

Look at him!!! He is so incredibly sweet, I can't even deal.

Summer08 337 

Smiling in his sleep.  Doesn't he have the most adorable hair?

Summer08 338

The "mommys." HAHAHAHAHA.

Courtney, thank you for your service as a surrogate, HAHAHAHA.

Making our dreams come true!

Summer08 341

(the real) Mama and baby.

He has a funny look on his face here.

Like, "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?" or something.

Summer08 342 

Kisses from Daddy.

Have you noticed his boxing gloves yet?

Summer08 345 

Retro.  See?  This is why I really need a good Digital SLR camera.

To capture such moments.

Argh.  Why can't my mom hit it big in Atlantic City?  Please.

Summer08 347 

My turn to hold baby Roland.

And of course he's SCREAMING.

(but looking darling in the onesie I bought him when he was in utero!)

Summer08 348 

He just wanted to walk around.  He settled right down.

I think he likes me because he feels safe, you know, low to the ground and all.


Summer08 351 

This one is fuzzy, but I like it because you can see just how tiny he is.

I know he will grow up so fast.

Then, I'll be at his high school graduation, and because I'll be pushing 50, I'll be needing to make myself feel better...

And I'll tell all his friends about the time he pooped and I changed his diaper and I saw him pee in his own face.

He is beautiful.  Amazing.  I can't wait to get to know him.  CONGRATULATIONS COURTNEY & RO!!!


Gretchen said...

AHAHAHA...PeePee Tee Pee.....wait is that PC???

Danae said...

He feels safe because he's low to the ground... ha!

Courtney said...

I've semi-pro at being proactive with the peeing situation! haha.
PS. I'm glad I can help you ladies out to start your family! Being a surrogate was an amazing experience! :) haha

cindy floyd said...

Poor Ro, Who's yo mama? Can you imagine trying to keep 3 mamas happy? really!!! Big job for little man..Pee pee tee pees are on the way to Jersey. He's so cute! sleep when he sleeps. That is the only time available!

Chris Vaughn said...

I love, love, love the photos of you holding Roland. Just awesome. Don't worry about being "low to the ground," ha ha. I'm vertically challenged myself -- in the other direction.

susan deshazo said...

Tell Courtney that I have that same top.. and it's extra great for pumping in style because you can maneuver the little panels and work it hands free! She'll appreciate that!

cindy floyd said...

Did the pee pee tee pees get there safely? Let me know........