Monday, September 22, 2008


Happy first day of Fall to you!  I am not a head-over-heels Fall lover like some of my friends (Becky & Christin!) but I'm friends with Fall.  There are things I really love about Autumn - like all things Pumpkin flavored, football, hoodies, MY BIRTHDAY, the beautiful leaves changing, having the windows open...

But there are things I don't like, too... socks, losing my tan lines, fruit becoming more expensive... um, I guess that's about it, really.  So, see?  Fall is my friend.  I DO NOT like Winter at all.  I don't want to get started on that, trust me, you don't want that either... it's QUITE A RANT.  I'll save it for November.

Today for some reason, I am really, really, really longing for a normal life.  I hate that I completely lack cultural context because of my sleep schedule.  I hate that I didn't say goodbye to Yankee Stadium, watch the Emmys or any NFL football yesterday.  I hate that there's another small group I'd love to join at my church that starts tonight, but I know I won't be able to do it.  Bleah!!! Waaaa!!!

Side note... this is the 3rd Monday in a row (that I've been counting) that Morning Joe has (at least in part) been live out of Washington.  Why, I ask?  What's going on?  It would be awesome if they split the show and did it half out of DC, no?  That would be SO COOL!  Even better if they wanted to hire me... but... I don't know... I may be just over this shift enough to even say no to Joe!?!

You feel me?  I'm exhausted.

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Becky Barber said...

Fall is the best. Except it leads to Winter, which is its one major flaw. :(