Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Live From Panera Bread...

I just dusted off a bowl of Broccoli Cheddar and an Orchard Harvest Salad.  I absolutely love "You Pick Two."  Now, I'm cruising along online courtesy of Panera's free wi-fi.  It doesn't get much better than this, really.

I love Panera but it's just not really convenient in my current universe.  I really bonded with Panera when I lived in Pittsburgh - it seemed like there was one on every corner!  When I first moved to Pittsburgh, I ate at the Panera in Monroeville almost every night.  It was a nice chance to get out of the marijuana-smelling Extended Stay where I spent a month of my life in early 2006.

I ate A LOT of Broccoli Cheddar soup and Cinnamon Crunch Bagels!  I remember driving to Panera in the snow!!  Scared to death.  See, Panera has helped me through a lot.

So, it's nice to be back.  I'll be here a while.  They're replacing my windows in my apartment today so Brokaw and I had to get out.  I dropped him off at PetSmart, where in this very moment he's probably chasing some Cocker Spaniel or Lab around in circles, loving it.

This blog is going to be heavy on words, light on pictures.  Sorry about that.  Suzie Snapshots just hasn't been very snappy lately.

I spent the weekend saying goodbye to my dear friend, Ann.  It was an amazing weekend!  God is unbelievably good.  Well, maybe not unbelievably, you should still believe - He is God.  But for real, it was an amazing time.  Ann is leaving soon to go onto the mission field in Thailand.  (I hope I'm blessed enough to visit her at least once so I can get me some REAL Pad Thai!!)  Saturday, I helped her have a Yard Sale and although it was raining and our marketing campaign wilted over in sadness on the sides of the road, we made out with three digits - so that's not bad, right?  Then it was dinner at the Grooms house.  Man, that place just feels like home!!  I think back on my Roanoke days with such a smile.  It was a great time for me.  Coming of age.  My first job.  First apartment.  A lot of firsts there, just being Dana.  The Grooms family was like a family to me - I even spent Christmas opening presents there!  It was great to be back at that "home" and to be at Rainbow Forest Baptist Church Sunday morning.  I am so encouraged to see some of the girls who were just teens when I was a youth leader there -  doing so well - and stepping into leadership roles themselves.  It's incredibly rewarding.  I saw one who is now leading a Sunday School class.  Another who is a new mother.  Another who is completing medical school.  I am amazed to watch their lives unfold - I am incredibly proud of them - each and every one.

Sunday morning, Ann went to the front of the church to be commissioned.  I went up there and knelt beside her to pray for her and man, someone seriously turned on my water spicket!!  The tears ran down my face and just splashed in my lap.  I am so incredibly honored to have a friend who is willing to give up all that she has to do what she truly believes she was made to do.  Ann, I will miss you so much.  I promise to pray for you each day.  And I expect some form of contact on a regular basis!!  

Hopefully Ann will live up to the challenge and blog about her adventures in Thailand!!!
Please keep her in your prayers as she goes.  She leaves for training October 19th (also known as my birthday) and leaves for Thailand in January.

Unfortunately, we didn't take ANY pictures this weekend. (I know - would you believe that??)  Not even a bad one.  But this post needs SOMETHING so here you go:
Photo 4


christin said...

mmmmm - you just made me want Panera. Badly!!! Delish.
all the best to your friend Ann! how exciting and scary. I had a friend who was a missionary in Thailand and ran a salon for the girls (who were mostly prostitutes) to train and get a job, something to get them off the streets! It was an amazing ministry, but very scary at times.

ann said...

thanks for the sweet words but really is that the best picture you could do??? HA! I was actually mad at myself that I didn't take any pictures with my new camera--courtesy of you:) I promise to take lots of pictures so you can go on my journey to!

susan said...

someone's birthday is coming up.. you know I have people at Panera.
Love Ya!

cindy floyd said...

Good Luck to Ann. I know she will be fine. Great pic!!!

Rebecca A. said...

we love panera!! i lived there at one time in my life too. isn't it just great like that!?
come to LR sometime my husband will make you pad thai. he is half thai and a fabulous cook! we had thai food for our rehearsal dinner. It was so good!